LowPro Interior Endwall Installation

LowPro (LP-EW) Endwall

Why you would use LowPro Insulated Studs

CX-LPEW LowPro a hybrid engineered solution for insulating containers. It is versatile and can be used for end walls on the interior or exterior of a shipping container. The CX-LPEW studs are ideally suited for inter-modal container conversions and industrial applications where thin wall insulation and framing is the primary concern. If you are (not planning to embed) electric services like wiring in the wall, or if you are planning surface mounted electrical conduit. One of the many benefits to the CX-LPEW stud, is it's smaller size making them easier to handle and modify for older containers. The insulated stud eliminates framing cold spots and fastener condensation when insulating a container.

The CX-LPEW is a hybrid method for insulating a shipping container addresses limited rural delivery and overseas freight charges. CX-LP insulated stud method utilizes foam insulation that you source locally. Flat foam board purchased locally reduce bulk shipment costs.  

First Things First!

Installing opening into a Container

Safety Precaution: Cut out all openings in the container and complete any welding, cutting or grinding operations prior to installing InSoFast panels. Do not expose the foam insulation or plastic studs of InSoFast panels to the flames, heat or sparks generated by welding, grinding or cutting on the steel container after panels have been installed. 

See this page for in depth instruction for installing wood bucks. MORE
CX-LPEW Insulated Studs interior application

The Endwalls of the shipping container using the LowPro Stud is a three step process and is insulated with endwall Inserts and locally sourced 3/4" thick sheet foam insulation.

The adhesive applied CX-LPEW eliminates the hundreds of holes associated with shipping container or sea can modifications. The LP EW stud is part of a assembly to work with the Endwall Bundle. The corrugation infills are typically placed on alternating pattern with the (EWI) side wall inserts.  LPEW used in this configuration with 1/2" thick finishes, very little interior space is lost.

Installing the LowPro Insulated Studs

Install the LowPro Insulated Studs

Apply a 3/8" bead of Loctite PL Premium 3x construction adhesive horizontally across the top and bottom then directly over the ribbed surface of the backside of the stud to form "I" pattern.

The LowPro studs are set in an off set pattern every other corrugation.

Installing insert infill insulation

Install insert insulation in-between the LP-EW .

Place a bead of adhesive in an “S” pattern down the center of the backside of the sidewall insert.  Or the adhesive can be applied across the width of the insert to secure the endwall of the shipping container.

Continue to cut, fit and glue all the insert onto the endwall corrugations.  The LowPro studs  and inserts can be cut to fit with regular wood working tools or razor knife.
Set the inserts into the lower half of the sidewall corrugations. Alternate the LowPro studs or the endwall inserts.

Installing the the locally sourced 3/4" sheet insulation

Install the the locally sourced 3/4" sheet insulation.

When the LowPro Studs are installed in an alternating pattern of " on center, the sheet foam is cut from a 48" x 96" (3/4") into 12" wide panels.

Insert 12” wide sheet foam between the LowPro Inserts. It is highly recommended that the 3 components be install at the same time. Once install tamp the panels with a straight edge like a 2x4 lumber to make sure that the wall is level and flat. Spray foam and seal all your work. 

Nails were used to hold the sheet foam in place until the adhesive sets.

Finishing the insulation and framing

Trim away any excess spray foam and the wall is ready for finishes.

The LowPro's versatility of traditional framing without the energy penalty of steel or wood studs. In this example the LowPro studs provide extra attachment around a window opening. 

Products Required

CX-LP LowPro Insulated Stud

End Wall Inserts

End Wall or the containers nose 36 lineal feet of corrugation.

CX LowPro-Side Wall Architectural Details

dwg dxf pdf  
jpg zip file


5 1/2in × 24in × 2 1/2 in

5in × 48in × 1 3/4in


1.00 sq-ft

1.67 sq-ft

R-Value ASTM C518



Closed-Cell, injection-molded EPS 

ASTM C578 Type II

ASTM C578 Type II

Canadian Standards

CAN/ULC S701 Type 2

CAN/ULC S701 Type 2

Foam Density

1.35 lbs per cubic foot

1.35 lbs per cubic foot

Polypropylene Studs



Ready for Finishes



The high-strength co-polymer plastic studs on 11 or 22-inches centers provide a positive attachment stud for finishing the container. The ribbed dovetails surface provides for adhesive applications against the metal surfaces.

InSoFast Plus Method

Need a higher R-value? No Problem! Start with a base of InSoFast continuous insulation panels they are feature-rich and easy to install.