Shipping Container: Installing Panels on the Ceilings

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Installing Ceiling Inserts

Insulating the ceiling of a shipping container is a two part process.  The first step is to install the ceiling inserts. of the shipping container is a two step process.

Lay a bead of adhesive in an “S” pattern down the center of the backside of the ceiling insert.

If needed use duct tape to hold the inserts in place until the adhesive has set or until you are ready to install the InSoFast panels. Position any duct tape so that it doesn’t interfere with the stud bonding to the shipping container rib. Install UX or EX Panels in a stacked patternWe recommend installing panels with the embedded studs running perpendicular to a shipping containers corrugated rib. The goal is to provide as much contact between the studs and steel in order to maximize the holding power of the studs.

Install either the UX 2.0 or EXi 2.5 Panels

UX 2.0 Panels

2″ thick  of closed-cell, injection-molded EPS foam body achieves R-8.5 insulation

EXi 2.5 Panels

2 1/2″ thick of closed-cell, injection-molded EPS foam body achieves R-10 insulation.


Loctite PL Premium 3x Adhesive

PL Premium 3X Adhesive

    • 1 large 28-fl oz / 828 mL tube = 18 (24″ studs or inserts)
      • Ceiling Inserts 56
      • UX 2.0 (20 panels with 3 studs each) = 60
      • 56 + 60 = 116
      • 116 ÷ 18 = 6 1/2 tubes of the adhesive

    On the ceiling of a 20′ standard shipping container you will need 6 1/2 tubes of the adhesive to apply the inserts and panels.  Run a bead of Loctite PL Premium 3x  along the length of the insert and press into the corrugated space of the shipping container’s ceiling.

Install the UX2.0 or EX2.5 on the ceiling

Install the wall panels before the ceiling panels. This allows the ceiling panels to sit on top of the wall panels around the perimeter.

Brace firmly until all adhesives has cured.

Brace the ceiling panels as needed with a "T" brace made with standard lumber. The top of the "T" should be at least 4' long and left in place until the adhesive sets. Approximately 24-48 hours depending on climatic conditions. The running bond pattern in not required on the ceiling. 

The ceiling panels can be shimmed into place along the edges on top of the wall panels by using 1x material or scrap foam. Before shimming, make sure that the side wall panel’s adhesive is set. Remove the shims, if used, and seal the area between the ceiling and wall panels with spray foam.


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Download PDF Instructions

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InSoFast Plus Method

Need a higher R-value? No Problem! Start with a base of InSoFast continuous insulation panels they are feature-rich and easy to install. Then add rigid foam insulation over top of InSoFast panels.