20′ Shipping Container (Standard 8′) Example

Shipping Container Sample Kit

Kit contains: Full CX panel, UX 2.0 panel piece, end wall insert piece, side wall insert piece, and ceiling insert piece.

We refund the purchase of an InSoFast Shipping Container Sample Kit with $400 minimum order. See our policy page for more details.

Shipping Container Sample Kit

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For project orders, you will need to know the total square footage of the surface you wish to insulate.

We offer free shipping on all our orders. You may upgrade a project order to FedEx Home Delivery for an additional charge. Please read through our shipping and purchasing policies before placing your order.


Example Package for a 20'

Side Walls  
CX Panels 9 Boxes
End Wall  
End Wall Inserts
UX 2.0 Panels
1 Box
2 Boxes
Ceiling Inserts
UX 2.0 Panels
1 Box
4 Boxes

$1,581.00 Add to cart

Add On Floor Option

UX 2.0 Panels 4 Boxes

$357.60 Add to cart

Add On Door Option (Per Door)

EXe 2.5 Panels 1 Boxes

$99.40 Add to cart

Add R-Value with InSoFast PLUS

It’s easy to increase your R-Value beyond R-10 code minimums while maintaining the engineered benefits of continuous InSoFast panels