Attend EEBA's 2014 Houses that Work

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EEBA : Energy & Environmental Building Alliance

The Energy & Environmental Building Alliance has put together a series conference and expo events in cities across the U.S. for the year 2014. As part of EEBA's mission statement, these conferences are designed to bring together leaders in the building industry to educate and collaborate on important issues concerning modern building science.

Open to everyone, EEBA promotes concepts of high-performance, energy-efficient design with a focus on health, safety and durability.

As an Education Partner, InSoFast will be represented in workshops that teach high-performance building practices. We will demonstrate how our panels meet current building standards while simplifying the construction process. There will be an emphasize on our EX 2.5 panel in conjunction with rain screen design. This will be a perfect opportunity to get hands-on experience with our panels, ask questions, and be informed.

Get a Scholarship to Attend for Free: Classes generally cost between $125 - $150, but we can offer a limited number of free scholarship passes to qualifying guests. If you'd like the opportunity to attend an EEBA event in your area for free, call us at 888-501-7899

Upcoming Events

Past Events

  • St. Louis, MO   |   Houses That Work   |   January 23
  • Dallas, TX   |   Houses That Work   |   January 24
  • Phoenix, AZ   |   Houses That Work   |   February 3
  • Atlanta, GA   |   Houses That Work @ RESNET   |   February 24
  • Duluth, MN   |   Houses That Work @ Duluth Energy Design Conference   |   February 25
  • Orlando, FL   |   Houses That Work   |   March 6

We will update this section of our website as the information becomes available. Check back throughout the year to see when Houses That Work is coming to your city.


InSoFast develops and distributes engineered panels that combine continuous insulation with advanced architectural features for both new and retrofit construction projects. Our panels are the perfect blend of DIY simplicity and industrial capability.

Made in the USA · Patented #8635824 and Patents Pending

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Overnight transformations are within reach due to the simplicity of our panel's design. InSoFast UX 2.0 panels are designed to control room temperatures while helping to eliminate moisture problems like mold and mildew. Perfect for basements and other below-grade, moisture-prone applications.

Transform your Interior with InSoFast

I’m interested in solving the puzzle and making it easy for others to put it together.

— Ed Scherrer, President + Inventor of InSoFast

InSoFast panels are designed to address ever-changing energy codes by preparing for the future of building science. Insulating your exterior with EX 2.5 panels can set your project on the right track toward net-zero efficiency standards. EX 2.5 panels feature built-in attachment and rainscreen technology to help speed up the in-field construction time.

Insulate your Exterior with InSoFast

These panels are awesome. You guys are on to something huge here. I can't imagine why everyone wouldn't want to use this stuff! I put in [an order] for a little more square footage than necessary as I want to have a panel or two around to show people.

— Kevin
home owner

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