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UX 2.0 Panels
EX 2.5 Panels

Merging architectural integrity with simplicity of design : Our stackable panels are engineered to minimize the number of steps in new and retrofit construction on interior and exterior surfaces for large and small projects. The intuitive design eliminates the learning curve and greatly reduces in-field labor to save time and money.

Forget the hassle of traditional fiberglass and 2x4s. Move beyond the mess of spray foam and the gaps in xps foam board. Complex and hazardous step-by-steps are a thing of the past. InSoFast locks tightly together for truly continuous barrier and can be nailed, screwed, or glued depending on your wall or preference. Advanced features include moisture control channels that help drain and dry any kind of wall from basements to exterior. Most installations can be completed with little more than a glue gun and a utility knife.

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Advanced Features in Every Installation

continuous insulation
Continuous Insulation

Continuous closed-cell insulation prevents thermal bridging. The injection-molded foam is made from an inert material that is not susceptible to thermal drifting, meaning your walls will maintain their R-Value long after other foams and fills have failed.

stud framing
Built-in Stud Framing

Each panel is co-molded to include three embedded studs that align at 16-in O.C. Made of a high strength polypropylene that exhibits a holding power equivalent to 20-gauge commercial steel studs. Inherently water-resistant and non-conductive, they are not at risk of rot, rust, warp or decay.

tongue and groove interlock
Tongue and Groove Interlocks

Tightly interlocking edges along the panels form a self-flashing seal that physically prevents thermal and moisture transfers along a wall. No need to tape seams. Interlocks keep walls flush and aligned while simplifying the installation.

interior exterior application
Interior and Exterior Applications

Designed to be universal, the panels can simplify both interior and exterior applications. Panel a full basement in less than a day. Cover floors and ceilings. Nail directly to interior and exterior framing. Eliminate hours of work developing an exterior rainscreen.

drain and dry technology
Drain and Dry Technology

Each panel features a network of shingle-style capillary channels that prevents water from collecting at the surface by redirecting the flow of moisture. The specifically-sized cavities moderate wall pressure so the wall assembly is continuously drained and dried.

electrical raceways
Electrical Raceways

Wiring Chases run vertically at 16″ on center and horizontally at 24″ on center in the panels. This grid work of chases provides easy access to pull wiring to any location. Located at proper depth, the chases also provide the necessary separation from the drywall face to protect the wiring as required by electrical codes.

New on the Blog...

"If you are going to install this product you've made the right choice," says happy new homeowner Robert Pyles. When Robert and his wife bought their house last year, they saw great potential in the 1300 sq-ft basement. This September, after much research, they pulled the trigger on InSoFast...and were blown away.

We found out about Robert's project when he posted a video review of our panels on YouTube. Completely smitten, we got in touch for a full two-part interview on our blog. In Part I, Robert offers his review of our panels, giving a little background about his experience and why he chose them. In Part II, he explains in great depth the process of insulating his basement from preparing the walls the laying out the panels.

So if you're planning a project of your own this month and have some questions, we highly encourage you go ask a real customer! Robert is looking forward to answering any and all in the comment section of his video review.

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