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Pacific Northwest National Labratory-32231

Department of Energy (DOE) Building Energy CodesDepartment of Energy states, “That 70% of all existing residential housing was built before 1992 and half of those houses have little to no insulation in the walls. These deficiencies result in wasted energy and money, especially in colder climates if you own one of those homes we are glad you are here.


Sustainable Performance | Energy & Sustainable Design

I really like InSoFast—it goes together well and really is fast! Had a client whose single story 3000 SF home and large garage—installed by one guy—went up in basically an 8 hr. day…and he’d never installed it before!


Manufacturing Inc.

The previous 20’shipping container insulation kit worked out absolutely perfect, and the customer was very happy with the end result. The project was for a natural gas company and their very expensive gas analyzing/metering equipment.


Happy in Uniontown.

“Oh man what a difference those panels made this past winter. The basement was within a degree or two of the first floor over the winter. I’m so glad I went with your system, wood is crazy expensive and not that straight, just over $8 a 2×4 now.”

Gorge Custom Containers

Gorge Custom Containers did our first shipping container build using traditional rigid foam insulation and wood framing.  We recently completed our first custom music studio with InSoFast – what a difference!  Your video product documentation on YouTube made the entire process virtually trivial.  Armed with a cordless caulking gun and a job site table saw, we insulated the interior of our 20’ container, almost perfectly, in less than two hours; literally 10x faster than it took to insulate and frame using traditional products from the hardware store.  Drywalling over your product was a breeze! Our customer, is thrilled with the results.

DPG Properties

InSoFast, thanks for your help.

PS: We (two 73 year old men) installed 1,200SF of insulation on relatively tricky walls (lots of fitting) in 12 man hours. This was the first time for both men, and we simply watched your video for guidance. We plan to incrementally go through all our buildings with your product.


Howard and I have about ¾ of our project completed as of 1/18/12, and we could not be happier. We really have worked about 3 hours or so on two separate days due to work obligations. InSoFast is all it is billed to be. We are thrilled about how easy it has been to install and work with. Even my father, who was doubtful when I first told him that we were trying your product is now convinced that this is the way to go. We have noticed a significant difference in our home already. I teach school and have bragged about it and actually recommended it to several colleagues, one of which husband is a contractor. The science teacher that I am very close with had me bring in some to show the students because she is currently teaching her energy unit. She showed it in comparison to fiberglass and used some of your published information from the website. If ever you have someone in our area who is wondering about the product or if you are looking for spokesman we would be interested. Thank you for your rapid response to our email and the time you spent on the phone with my husband.


Mick Aller Architect

When I saw InSoFast EX I realized there was an opportunity here to help us meet energy codes and simplify installation…The thing I liked about it is that it’s the insulation and the furring strips all in one piece. It adheres to the wall or it can be mechanically fastened. It’s so simple anyone can do it.

Rojak Builders

InSoFast is ideal for both basement, retrofit and exterior applications.

I found the product easy, fast and economical to use and recommend it first and above all other options to all my customers when the application is appropriate. 


I wish I had taken more pictures while putting the panels up,

they went “in so fast” that I really didn’t think of it until it was too late. I was very pleased with the InSoFast panels and I am in the process of writing a review on FineHomebuilding’s website. One of my initial concerns with this product was the lack of independent reviews, so I’ll help remedy that at least a little with a review. Thanks for making a great product.

D. Socie

I just finished the walls with your InSoFast panels. I’m not a carpenter, I just found it very easy to work with. I just love it. I ordered some extra so I am going to use it on a floor in another room, too. I will be ordering more soon. Thanks for a great product.


The east bay of our shop, referred to as “the igloo” because of the cold wall, is now quite comfortable. The installer, an electrician by trade, took on the project to fill in between electrical jobs. He and my nephew had the wall covered in just over a day and a half. We have another wall to do and hope to have it completed within the next two months. It’s covered with pallet racking at the moment. Thanks for the great product and your technical support.


What a pleasure the EX panels are! Having finished basements with both wood and metal stud framing before, I tried InSoFast EX in the hopes of increased performance over traditional methods, but I wasn’t expecting the panels to be quite so fast to install. The system has been well thought out, and is a pleasure locking the panels together. Electrical and custom stereo wiring was as straightforward as all other aspects of the project — from ordering through drywall install. Thank you.


I thought you might like to see some of the installation photos of InSoFast at the Ojo Sarco Community Center. It was installed by community volunteers over un-insulated concrete block and then sheetrock was installed. The finish paint will go on next week. We love InSoFast and tell everyone that it is a great product. Once it went on, the room warmed up tremendously and our utility bill dropped immediately.

This is very important as we are an all-volunteer organization with an average annual budget of less than $6,000. Thank you!

Askia Enterprises

Your product is making the framing so much easier and faster for the guys, but also I think it was the best application given the condition of that side of the building!

Banko & Sons Remodeling

Ed, a few months ago we talked. Since then I have done the install of your product in Perryopolis PA. Was very impressed. Two guys, 7 hours, 140 ft x 9 ft. No sweat.

Dietz Builders

Better than Spray Foam

You can’t justify using stud framing and spray foam when InSoFast is available!


I finished my basement remodel – many months ago. 

The installation was so easy. It took approximately 2 weekends to install and sheetrock. The basement had 2 x 4’s on their sides with paneling over top painted an ugly color. We demoed this first, then applied the InSoFast panels. We sheet rocked over the panels and painted.

This WAS so easy! Our basement was always cool, but we’ve lowered the temperature by at least 10 degrees. In fact, we don’t use the A/C in the basement at all (been 100 outside for weeks). Our house was built in 1964. Love the product!


I didn’t believe it was the same cost as framing and insulation, so I had to figure out the framing and insulation myself. It was virtually the same. I ordered the InSoFast had it shipped directly to my home. I didn’t have to make multiple trips to the lumber yard or worry about loading framing lumber in my vehicle. By myself it took about 6 to 8 hrs to install the panels. InSoFast is an awesome product!


InSoFast was SO Handy

A neighbor is having her basement finished. I was laughing watching all the stuff they are lugging in for the project! InSoFast was SO handy to just slide the lightweight boxes down the stairs. I did all the EX Panels by myself in 10 hours. They have a good 6 guys working on it for days so far…suckers!


You were so helpful to me when I needed to finish my basement floor. I could not believe how easy and effective this product is. I’m sixty-three years old and I was able to install InSoFast throughout my entire basement, large room, bathroom, hallway and mud room by myself in one day. Ed worked out the layout and emailed me the hand-drawn plan and away I went. Every one of the workers from electrician to drywaller and plumber could not get over the product and the service that went with it. Thank you again for all your help.