Physical Properties

Physical Properties of Injection-molded EPS

PropertyASTM TestResult
Closed-cell Foam Density (nominal)C3031.35lb/ft
Compressive Resistance at 10% Strain DeformationD1621,C165,C20313.0psi (90kPa)
Flexural StrengthD1621,C165,C20330.0psi (208kPa)
Thermal Conductivity (R-Value) at 75°F±2°FC177,C518R4.45/in
Water Absorption by Total Immersion (Moisture Resistance)C2723% by volume
Water Vapor Permeability (Class III Vapor Retarder)E963.5perm/in
Maximum Service Temperature (long term)167°F = 75 Celsius (°C)
Maximum Service Temperature (intermittent)180°F = 82 Celsius (°C)
Flame SpreadE84-81A5 @ 4″
Smoke DevelopedE84-81A105-190

Copolymer Stud Fastener & Adhesion

#6 1¼in Standard Drywall Screws Pull Out (Fastener Withdrawal)D1761-06325.4 lb/ft
#6 1¼in Standard Drywall Screws Shear (Lateral Screw Resistance)D1761-06470.6 lb/ft
Adhesion of PL Premium Adhesive and Stud (Peak Stress)D4541-02108psi (972p/lf)