Interior Uses

Interior Wall Insulation for ANY Room in the House


Unlike traditional wood framed walls and insulation, InSoFast panels will never be damaged by moisture, rust rot or decay. It’s a simple, installer-friendly system that requires ZERO building skills to achieve quality, professional insulation and framing in a fraction of the time.

Garages / Floors

Convert your garage into a comfortable space. Cover any cold, uninsulated concrete floor, finish the walls and create a whole new room in the house.


Insulated Ceiling Panels

InSoFast panels offer a solution to insulate concrete ceilings such as pre-cast hollow core concrete planks or cast-in-place concrete.

Above Grade Walls

Remodeling is a big job with a lot of demolition. To reduce the amount of demolition and waste InSoFast panels can be installed directly over drywall or plaster.