Benefits of InSoFast Continuous Insulation Panels

Engineered Simplicity.
Save Time. Cut Costs. Reduce Labor. Increase Energy Savings.

Why Work So Hard?

InSoFast is your Complete Wall System

85% less handling of parts and pieces required to frame & insulate.


Each panel is a non-toxic, inert insulation that maintains its R-value throughout the life of your building.

Does not absorb moisture like open-cell types of bead board.

Rated highly for below-grade applications.


Cool in the summer, warm in the winter. The continuous insulation keeps you comfortable in all seasons, all climates.


EPS Continuous Insulation will give you superior indoor air quality. Specifically designed channels in the InSoFast body prevent moisture from getting trapped in your walls, unlike traditional wood cavity framing and insulation- move along, mold and mildew!

Moisture Control

Built into the back of the UX and EXi panel is a network of drainage channels. The channels are specifically-sized cavities that direct moisture down the wall. The EPS foam of the panel features a permeability that ensures moisture is not trapped in your walls. Like Gortex or Tyvek, the panel allows the wall system “breathe”.

Energy Savings

Our customers have reported a significant reduction in their energy costs after installing our panels. Cut your bills or go off-grid. InSoFast can get your home Net-Zero Ready. InSoFast projects also qualify for a Federal Tax Credit up to $1200.

Finishing Options

Forget compromises. InSoFast supports ANY finishing options you can dream up. Put up pictures, install cabinets, hang a TV. The built-in studs can handle it all!


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