Interior FAQs

Ed discusses why he invented InSoFast decades ago.

What is the best and healthiest way to finish a basement?

We are of course but we recommend that you explore every possibility— stud walls, several types of panel systems and other types of insulation methods. All systems have their pros and cons like the complete modular panels are very expensive and bulky making them hard to maneuver into a tight basement. Traditional stud walls are a hassle in terms the extra work and the parts pieces and cuts you will have to make, let alone the process of taking all the materials down to the basement. InSoFast is Insulation-Framing-Vapor Retarder-Layout-Electrical Raceways in a 2′ x 4′ box of 40 square feet. Just 2 boxes is enough to do a 10′ long 8′ high wall.

How do you insulate a basement that has a concrete brick form?

It is not a problem with InSoFast panels you will need about 15% more glue. You can also mechanically attach the panels with tapcon screws.

What is the best insulation for basements?

Most foam insulation panels will work in a basement. The damp cold of a below-ground space requires insulation that will fight the development of mold and mildew while effectively protecting from heat loss. Basement building science agrees that it is important to choose an insulation panel that can dry to the inside. Expanded polystyrene like the foam that InSoFast uses has a perm rating that allows drying to the inside. NEVER use a fibrous insulation, like fiberglass it will allow cold surface condensation that will allow mold to develop.

Will wood framed walls rot and cause problems in a basement?

They can. Wood studs will start to rot when their moisture content rise above 17%, this makes proper de-humidification essential when using wood framing. New alternative systems like, “InSoFast” panels provide built-in rot-resistant framing, raceways for wiring, and moisture control channels.

Do the InSoFast Panel’s meet Building Code Fireblocking Requirements?

No! It does not apply to InSoFast.

R302.11 Fireblocking shall be provided in wood-framed construction in the following locations: We are not wood or steel framed construction. Fireblocking is important. It is a confusing term and it is often miss-interpreted. The intent is to slow the progression of a fire so it does not rapidly jump from floor to floor or from room to room behind hidden spaces.

Can I insulate an upstairs bedroom?

Yes you can. Most remodeling insulation projects involve intricate multiple step process: Not InSoFast. Traditionally you start with the tearing off drywall and installing the insulation in-between the framing. Anyone who has ever attempted a remodeling project like this can expect, Dust, Dirt, Noise and Disruption! Then once completed only 75% of the wall has been insulated. That means a R-13 wall is really only an effective R-10 assembly.  InSoFast’s method delivers better results. InSoFast’s low impact and highly effective method using continuous insulation updates and increases the comfort of any room in your home.