How To Videos: Interiors

Panel Features

The UX 2.0 is a feature rich insulation panel. 24” high by 48” wide it has a narrow 2” thick profile that delivers R-8.5 continuous insulation.

InSoFast’s tongue-and-groove design keeps the panels dry and flashed. The unique notch system assures that the panel’s studs and wiring chases stay aligned and true.

The EXi 2.5 flat panel is a feature rich insulation panel. 24” high by 48” wide it has a narrow 2 1/2” thick profile that delivers R-10.5 continuous insulation.

InSoFast Stud’s patented interlocking design creates an adhesive key-lock that forms a secure mechanical bond after the adhesive sets. The adhesive bonds the stud to a variety of wall substrates, masonry, cmu, concrete, cinder blocks, Drylok Waterproofing Coating, plywood, and other materials.

Basic How-To-Install

Finish your basement and increase the value of your home while adding more liveable space. The following video and explanations can be applied to both UX and EX panel for interior masonry installations.
The easy-to-install InSoFast panel is engineered with an interlocking tongue and groove system that ensures tight, continuous insulation across your walls. In this video, Ed Scherrer, the man behind its ingenious design, demonstrates how to set up the interlock pattern when starting a wall.
Dry Stacking is a method we use to determine the layout and cuts of panels before they are adhered (or attached) to the wall. Once cut and set up, we remove the panels and stack them in order so that the actual installation runs smoothly.
InSoFast is lightweight and easy to cut and handle. In this video we show that there is very little waste. The cut piece from the bottom of the panel can be used at the top to finish the wall.
Turning Corners cutting and gluing panels. Cut the panels a 1/4″ less than the actual measurement, this will relieve any pressure in the corner that my force panels to pop out.
After pre-cutting and fitting all the panels with a dry stack, a dry run, (why mess with glue when cutting and fitting panels) to determine the layout, Ed and Dean are ready to adhere the panels to the wall. Watch them do it in less than 10 minutes
When starting a panel or going around corners or opening we recommend that you add additional adhesive on the edges of the panels. This will secure the panel edges and give you a tighter finished wall.

Advanced How-To-Install

Rarely are ceilings 8ft-high making it easy for an InSoFast installation. Because each panel is 2ft high, you may need to modify at the top of the wall. Here is a video that will show you how to handle the “Top-of-the-wall.”
How to rough frame around windows and doors when using InSoFast veneer insulation for basements. Depending on the panel used, this application requires 2″ (UX) or 2-½” (EX) thick framing or furring materials.
In this video we will highlight how to install our panels over existing electrical conduit when our pre installed channels don’t align with the conduit.
It is common for professional basement finishing contractors to use InSoFast with their interior french drains or trenches. In this video we feature the use of advanced tools that are nice to have for channeling out the foam.
When working around obstruction on your wall you can create a template with the InSoFast cardboard boxes. InSoFast is rough framing and not fine carpentry …so relax if you make a mistake you can glue the panels back together.
Due to uneven dips in the concrete floor of our basement, Ed needs to shim the insulation panels to avoid gaps in the thermal barrier. He demonstrates three easy methods to prop up the panels.

How to handle walls that are not flat and adding extra insulation

To level and plumb walls in a basement with InSoFast is easy with a little preparation and planning. Like a puzzle InSoFast interlocking panels can help you level and true uneven and irregular walls.
InSoFast answers how to insulate 1/2 high walls where the cinder block meets the top plate.
Occasionally you will have to work around existing will conditions. This video demonstrates how to carve out the back of the panel with a razor blade knife. There are many methods available like razor knives and hand saws.
The easiest way to work around lumps, bumps and other obstructions on your wall is to simply carve into the InSoFast panel. In this video we will show you a simple way to indent the foam and fit the panel.
Ed talks about a project in North Dakota, an old school house that is being converted into a dormitory for energy and pipeline employees. The developer wanted additional insulation without sacrificing interior space.
It’s easy to increase your R-Value beyond R-10 code minimums while maintaining the engineered benefits of continuous InSoFast panels. Simply layer rigid foam insulation board over top of InSoFast panels, a technique we’ve dubbed InSoFast PLUS.

Drywall and Other Finishes

Installing gypsum drywall is one of the more difficult tasks when remodeling a home. This video is intended as a simplified guide for the homeowner a sheet of ½” drywall weighs 54 pounds and can be difficult to maneuver.
In this video the Boden brothers, Chris and Dan will talk us through the drywall installation process. This is the continuing adventure with Boden Brothers and their first InSoFast install.
Phase 3: Taping the drywall to the InSoFast walls. This is the continuing adventure with Boden Brothers and their first InSoFast install.
Step-One Insulation over Drywall or Plaster Part 1 InSoFast can be a one person, one-step option that works continuously, without any thermal breaks in coverage, InSoFast bridges over the wall framing.
Step-Two Insulation over Drywall or Plaster Part 2, most remodeling insulation solutions involves a multiple step and messy process, not so with InSoFast.
Phase 4 with the Boden Brothers, mounting heavy items, such as cabinets or a mounting bracket for a flat screen TV, to an InSoFast insulated wall panel is easy.

Concrete Decks Floors and Ceilings

In this video we are converting a garage/basement/sun porch concrete floor into a comfortable well insulated space.
In this video we explore how to level the floor around a tapered floor drain.
This video shows a shipping container application but the principal is the same for other floors.
In a customer produced video, he states “I am extensively remodeling a newly purchased home and was lucky enough to find InSoFast.” The project was turning a double garage into a family/great room. He was really struggling with how to insulate the floor.
InSoFast engineered insulation is a great product for insulating cold concrete floors. In this video InSoFast used in conjunction with an innovative subfloor heating panel from Warm Board.
This InSoFast video is a very basic how to crawl space tutorial. It will guide you through a few common sense short cuts that will make working in this uncomfortable crawl space environment less strenuous.

Technical Product and Installation Videos

For legal sake, we should probably clarify that you can try InSoFast panels at home. We don’t necessarily condone trying the rock-climbing part at home.
We often get asked if the glue will hold the InSoFast panel to the wall? Will the stud hold drywall? The answer is yes to both questions.
This presentation is focused around a call from a builder struggling with what to do in a Base Flood Elevation Zone. InSoFast goes way beyond the requirement of just using a closed cell insulation, our system eliminates organic material like wood that is susceptible to moisture, rot and mold
InSoFast Panels Building Code Fire Blocking Requirements unlike frame construction InSoFast is a fire-blocked solid wall that reduces a lot of those requirements. Please consult with your local Building code officials they are the final say in their local jurisdiction/township.
Foundation Insulation Effectiveness: Basement building science Pat Huelman, Cold Climate Housing Coordinator with the University of Minnesota Extension discusses the issues associated with insulated foundation walls.

Customer Comments, Reviews, and How-to

Ed, the inventor of InSoFast discusses the inspiration and the reasons behind why he developed an engineered insulated wall system, and asks the question why do you want to work so hard?
Hugo D’Esposito from AM Shield Waterproofing Corp discusses the pros and cons of InSoFast with Ed Sherrer the inventor.
Ted talks about the importance of moisture control and insulation.
This was one of our earliest customer interviews a customer from Chicago about InSoFast® Engineered Insulation benefits in his home.
Project in Easton Maryland where InSoFast replaces traditional framing and batting insulation or “z furring and rigid foam insulation,” for insulating a basement. Our customer’s review states that we are faster and less expensive then spray foam applications and a better value for the price.
This is Boden Custom Builders first InSoFast install. In this video the Boden brothers, Chris and Dan will talk us through installing InSoFast on uneven walls.
“My experience with InSoFast panel”
A DIY experience with InSoFast insulated panel installation. I’m not a carpenter or builder, just a regular Joe working on an old cinder block house in Central Texas.
This video of a regular Joe working on an old cinder block house in Central Texas. Here he goes through the details used to set single and double gang junction boxes, plugs and switches in InSoFast.
Thanks for viewing my video. I ordered 46 boxes of the UX 2.0 to Pennsylvania. I am going to need to order a few more boxes to finish my floor on the other half. If i had a do-over i would have ordered enough to do my whole floor and also my 10×12 shed.