Container Insulation Features & Benefits

Container Panel Features

InSoFast take a complex assembly and makes it simple. Why work so hard? The family of insulation boards like the CX 44, CX LowPro Insulated Studs, and our other panels takes the hassle out insulating and framing shipping containers.

  • R-11 wall panel
  • Built in framing
  • Continuous insulation
  • Built-in service raceways
  • Fast, universal and simple
  • Insulation boards designed to fit containers.
  • Universal insulation for floor, walls, ceilings, interior and exterior


When environmental disasters force cities, islands and countries to declare that there is a “ basic shelter and low income housing crisis” up-cycling or recycling shipping containers is a sensible solution. InSoFast is the easy way to turn cold, corrugated steel containers into cozy and safe homes. InSoFast is so easy that professional builders and volunteers can work together to construct housing for homeless and other at-risk residents.

  • No electrical guess work
  • One detail, one solution . . . unlimited finishing options
  • Less parts and pieces = less training
  • Engineered components = a complete wall
  • Assemble Less. Build Better. Get more done.
  • Controls condensation behind the walls

InSoFast Solves Condensation Problems

Turn corrugated steel shipping containers into comfortable, safe and dry homes with the best, most cost-effective insulation from InSoFast.

Engineered simplicity. Imagine insulating a shipping container in half the time! InSoFast insulation panels reduce the need for labor and materials. Stick, stack, done!  InSoFast panels give you a proven and versatile way to insulate the interior and or exterior of a container.

By using InSoFast panels, you have 85% less handling of parts and pieces required to insulate your shipping container.

  • Cost Effective
  • Mold-Resistant
  • Easy to Install
  • Complete Wall System – Insulation, Framing, Electrical Runs

Each panel is a non-toxic, inert insulation that maintains its R-value throughout the life of your project. Because it does not absorb or let moisture pass through like open-cell types of insulation, it is rated highly for applications such as basements or shipping containers. Inexpensive. Quick. Fast. It really is that simple.

Reduce Solar Gain

It may seem obvious that frying pans are made of metal. Metal conducts energy. Containers are made of metal. Like frying pans, containers conduct energy, too.  Insulation is a buffer that slows down the transfer of energy. So it makes sense that you are looking for insulation for your container. InSoFast is that insulation buffer solution that you are looking for.   

We have all experienced hot, sunny, summer days where you get into your dark colored car and it is HOT. A container is no different from a car.  It makes sense, if you live in a hot climate, to paint your container with light colors, and similarly, in cold climates, use dark colors. Mixed climates? A nice beige would be lovely.

InSoFast’s foam is expanded polystyrene and its service temperature is:

Maximum Service Temperature (long term)167°F = 75 Celsius (°C)
Maximum Service Temperature (intermittent)180°F = 82 Celsius (°C)