Installation on various wall types

Installing Panels over Framed Walls

Screw/Nail Attachment Pattern

Per code report, screws are to be places 12″ O.C. along the InSoFast studs.

InSoFast panels are generally screwed in place, however, you may opt to use nail guns to install the panels and siding provided the temperature is above 60 degrees F for the stud to accept nails. It is up to the contractor and/or building official to determine the suitability for the use of and spacing of nails.

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For 16” O.C. Framing

InSoFast studs are 16” O.C. Install the first panel so that the built-in studs line up with and attach to the wall’s studs.

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For 24” O.C. Framing

Attaching to 24” O.C. framing requires a screwable structural sheathing, such as OSB or plywood. The number of screws is dependent on your wind load requirements.

Installing Panels over Concrete or Masonry Walls

Adhesive Attachment

We have tested and recommend PL Premium 3X Construction Adhesive® for bonding to the InSoFast studs. Other formulas and brands may not work as expected. Cure time is dependent on temperature and humidity. Ensure sufficient time for the adhesive to set and cure before attaching exterior finishes. In colder temperatures, cure times are extended. See adhesive data sheet for more information.

On the back of the panel, apply a 3/8″ bead of PL Premium 3X Construction Adhesive® along the dove-tailed ribbing of each InSoFast stud. Rougher or uneven surfaces may require a thicker bead.

Press panels firmly into place against the wall. On windy days, the panels may need supplemental bracing or mechanical attachment to secure the panels until the adhesive has set.

Mechanical Attachment

If you choose to mechanically attach InsoFast panels to concrete or masonry walls, screws are to be placed 12″ O.C. along the InSoFast studs. Powder actuated tools are not recommended.