Concrete Ceilings

Insulated Ceiling Panels

When installing InSoFast panels in a ceiling application the goal is to provide as much contact between the studs and ceiling surface in order to maximize the holding power of the studs.

On the back of the panel, run a 3/8” bead of adhesive along dove-tailed ribbing of each stud. Add a bead of PL Premium 3x along the edge of the panel that will come in contact with the wall. The outer edge or where the first row of panels is placed.

One option is to install the wall panels before the ceiling panels just 2″ short of the top. This allows the ceiling panels to slip in between and sit on top of the wall panels around the perimeter add shims to firmly support the edge of the panel until the adhesive sets..

The running bond pattern in not always required on the ceiling but is it recommended for a flatter truer job. Brace the panels firmly until all adhesives has cured. A common, “T” brace is often used. Alternatively a concrete fastener can be used to support the panels and eliminate the bracing requirement.

Mechanical Attachment

Tapcon Fasteners

Install mechanical fasteners 12″ o.c. (six per panel) into the recessed attachment points on the InSoFast stud.

Drywall Installation

Drywall is installed over InSoFast panels in the same way as traditional wood framing. Attach drywall to the InSoFast studs using standard coarse thread all-purpose drywall screws. The InSoFast panel provides solid backing for drywall around the perimeter. The ceiling drywall is locked in place when the drywall is applied to the walls.

As with all foam insulation products, a 15 minute thermal barrier, such as 1/2″ drywall, is required.

Adhesive/Mechanical Attachment

Apply a 3/8″ bead of PL Premium 3X Construction Adhesive on the backside of the studs which have the ribbed surfaces. Apply an additional bead of adhesive to the foam along any cuts.

Panels are mechanically locked in place when the adhesive sets in the hundreds of interlocking dovetails on the back of the stud.

Install one a mechanical fastener in the recessed attachment point per panel to hold in place until the adhesive has set.

Third party testing shows the ultimate strength of a single bead of adhesive is over 800 pounds per foot which is equal to concrete screws 6″ o.c. However, it is up to your local building code official to determine if additional mechanical attachment is required. See product testing for more information.

PL Premium 3X Stronger Construction Adhesive is the only recommended adhesive for adhering the InSoFast panels. Other formulas and brands may not work as expected. One 28 oz. tube covers 50 s.f.

Details and Printable Instructions

Ceiling Application, Hollow Core Plankdxfpdf
InSoFast Ceiling Installation Instruction pdf
ITW-Tapcon-Masonry-Fastening pdf