Privacy Policy

InSoFast, LLC recognizes the importance of your privacy and protecting your Personal Information while you are visiting our website. It is our goal to provide you with the opportunity to access and use it in a secure environment. Thus, we have established policies and procedures to prevent misuse of your personal and non-personal information.

Updated July 17th, 2015

Your Information

We gather, use and keep information only if we believe that it is necessary to administer our business and to best serve you. We employ a few tactics to collect this information from our website. The methods are very general and do not collect anything that could be personally identifiable without your consent. The only places we collect personally identifiable information are our online shopping cart, information request form, and feedback form. Interacting with any of these three pages is entirely, 100% optional.

The information we collect is used solely by members of the InSoFast team for the strict purpose of aiding our business and our customers. Our team is trained on customer confidentiality and privacy and we take appropriate disciplinary measures to enforce employee privacy responsibilities.

Secure Access

We offer an encrypted portal (SSL or Secure Socket Layer) for viewing our website. You can access our website using this secure connection by appending the “https” protocol to the beginning of our web address in your browsers address bar. For example: visit instead of

You will then be able to view our security certificate verified and issued by Starfield Secure Certification Authority.

3dcart eCommerce Software

The InSoFast online shopping cart uses software developed by 3dcart to manage online orders of our product. This is one of three places on our website where we collect personally identifiable information. We do this for the sole purpose of fulfilling your order. We maintain a record of the transaction solely for business purposes and will never trade, release or sell such information to third-party interests. All transactions occur over a secure, encrypted connection by default.

Google Analytics and Adwords

We use the Google Analytics tracking code to view our website hits. It helps us track how visitors find and use our website so that we can best optimize the experience. Analytics collects anonymous data about a user’s visit. It can tell us the city a visitor is located in and the type of device they are using. It can tell us the version of a visitor’s browser and how long that visitor spent looking at our pages. We can get a general report of how many people are on our website at a given time. It can not collect and reveal specific, private information such as a users name, home address, IP address, credit card number, email password, or what they ate for breakfast. It’s not important to us anyway.

We use the Google Adwords service to display keyword-based ads for our products in Google Search results. These ads are part of the Google search algorithm and though we can optimize them for keyword-matching, we have no guaranteed control over their display.

In addition, we use the Google Remarketing code in our website to display ads across partner networks to potential customers who have once viewed our website. This code generates an anonymous cookie-based ID for your visit in order to serve relevant ads to you on other websites. You are welcome to opt-out of this kind of advertising via Google ad settings, which requires you have a Google account. You can opt-out of all third-party network advertising by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page.