Basement Remodeling Insulation

Turning your basement into a usable family area, office, or gym is a great way to raise your property value and enhance your family’s enjoyment of its home. InSoFast insulation panels provide are ideal for basement remodeling. They promote DIY convenience and universal use for new builds, remodels, exterior and interior.

In 2006, InSoFast, LLC began with the purpose of developing and promoting insulation systems that meet and progress beyond energy regulations, outperform competitors, and make construction easier in diverse ways. We offer patented Expanded Polystyrene Foam insulation panels that we make and ship free of charge anywhere within the contiguous US from one of our facilities in South Dakota, Idaho, Minnesota, and Massachusetts.

Do-It-Yourself Insulation Installation

Whether you’ve chosen to hire contractors to remodel your basement or intend to work on it yourself, insulation is a must-have portion of the plan. Water, cold, vapor, and mold are all problems common to basements, and proactive measures preventing or mitigating these issues should be part of the remodel.

Basement Remodeling Insulation

Many common insulation products intensify and promote the growth of mildew and mold. Fiberglass insulation, for example, absorbs water providing a great place for mold growth, rot, and allergens. It will also settle over time, providing less and less effective insulating protection.

Another type of insulation, spray foam, is applied directly to the basement wall. Whether it’s block, stone, brick, or cement, spray foam insulation will block vapor and moisture, but it’s a very expensive option that is time-consuming to apply and messy to boot.

Choosing InSoFast insulation panels, a method of closed-cell, injection-molded EPS foam panel insulation, is a cost-effective option that’s been embraced by DIYers and contractors alike because of its effectiveness and simplicity. You won’t even need many tools, hands, or minutes to get the job done!

List of InSoFast Insulation Features

  • Panels don’t degrade
  • Tools required include utility knife, saw, caulking gun, Loctite PL Premium 3x Stronger Construction Adhesive, and a can of spray foam insulation
  • Tongue-and-groove interlocking alignment

UX 2.0 panel

  • 2×4 foot panels
  • 2” thickness, R-value of 8.5
  • Embedded non-ferrous studs
  • Rot-resistant framing
  • Drainage channels
  • Electric raceways
  • Simple, stackable design
  • Cost-effective

EXi 2.5 panel

  • 5” thick, R-value of 10
  • Outperforms competitors with R-value of 15
  • 20% higher insulating power than UX panel
  • Interlocks tighter and bridges slight irregularities of basement walls

Moisture control features built into InSoFast insulation panels are meant to wick away water and vapor to prevent it from being trapped inside of the basement wall. InSoFast insulation panels are not definitive waterproofing solutions, but the panels are easily installed over the waterproofing solution you choose to apply.

For motivation, inspiration, or guidance when planning a basement remodel, look to our video and blog section on our website. From technical specifications to a detailed video walkthrough, you’ll find informative posts related to your project.

InSoFast, LLC can provide your basement remodeling project with the insulation needed! Whether you go forward with it on your own or with a contractor, InSoFast insulation panels offer numerous benefits for insulating your basement walls, ceiling, and floor. Reach out to us today by calling (888) 501-7899 or hop online for stellar customer service assistance as you measure, order, and apply insulation to your basement.