Accessories and Tools

This is a link page to tool, accessories, and suppliers who provide services and products that work with the InSoFast Panels.

H-K200 Hot Knife:

Designed to cut foam plastics Expanded (EPS) and Extruded (XPS) Polystyrene. The H-K200 operates on standard 110V/50Hz Voltage. The pulsing electric current and heats the blade evenly. 


STARTER TRAC or Casing Bead. ST25 is 2 1/2" wide to cap off the exposed EXe2.5 panel. The face return flange is 1" (25 mm) with striations to securely wrap around the edge. The Trac is available with or without weep holes. The 3" (76 mm) wide back edge nailing flange has striations for extra bonding if adhesives are used. It is recommended that you use the Starter Trac when panel ends are exposed to the exterior. Sold by the piece 15 pieces per box


Rapid Rasp 4" x 14" DuraSoft Handle


Add R-Value with InSoFast PLUS

It’s easy to increase your R-Value beyond R-10 code minimums while maintaining the engineered benefits of continuous InSoFast panels