InSoFast EX 2.5

Building Science Nailed

Cut to fit
Nailed in place
A cut panel, revealing the embedded stud
Craftsmen nail siding to the InSoFast studs
BEFORE: Walls framed and insulated with EX 2.5
AFTER: Exterior walls finished with fiber-cement siding

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Continuous Insulation
Moisture Control and Rain Screen Performance
Simplicity of Installation

Insulation that EXceeds

InSoFast EX 2.5 provides a continuous wall of R-10 insulation with built-in mold-resistant framing, dual-surface moisture control channels and electrical chaseways in a single, interlocking panel that's ready for drywall or cladding attachment.

EX 2.5 panels have 25% more insulation than our UX 2.0 panel. The extra insulation is added over the surface of the stud to further eliminate the potential for thermal bridging in a finished wall. Therefore, EX panels actually outperform R-15 insulated walls that are assembled with traditional framing methods.

EXterior Application

EX 2.5 is a continuous insulation (CI) weather screen assembly designed for application over exterior walls. It is part of a complete rain screen solution that maximizes energy efficiency coupled with advanced moisture management properties.

The EX weather screening properties support a building envelope in three main ways. Its primary function is to provide an insulation barrier, secondary to protect against water penetration, and tertiary to provide a cladding attachment system that maintains thermal isolation. Exterior finishing options can include thin brick, metal panels, tile, cultured stone, stucco, and the popular cement board siding to name a few.