Continuous Insulation plus Rainscreen

InSoFast EX 2.5 Panels

Forget the hassle of traditional fiberglass and 2x4s. Stop trying to assemble your weather screen assembly. Complex parts and pieces are a thing of the past. Inside or out, InSoFast EX 2.5 is continuous insulation that's designed to exceed.

Advanced drain-and-dry technology allows it to moderate moisture as part of a complete rainscreen solution that maximizes the efficiency of any project. Ready for cladding attachment, professionals choose EX 2.5 for R-10 insulation that can be nailed directly to exterior walls. Finishing options can include thin brick, metal panels, tile, cultured stone, stucco, cement board siding and more. It has also been used in basements and other interior spaces when the situation calls for higher R-Values.

InSoFast EX 2.5 Engineered Features for Exterior Applications

    Moisture Control and Rain Screen Performance
  • InSoFast panels are engineered with materials that will not rot, rust, warp, or decay when exposed to moisture.
  • Built-in drainage planes on the front and back of the EX panel simplify multiple processes of a rain screen assembly.
  • The interlocks on all 4 sides have engineered capillary breaks to prevent water migration through the insulation. The InSoFast panel is not reliant on building tapes for a weather-tight seal.
  • In a side-by-side comparision between InSoFast EX 2.5 and traditional rainscreen/insulation assemblies, choosing InSoFast saved thousands of dollars. See the difference.
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Code Approval

Code-Approved Insulation Panels

Click here to view the offical
Intertek Code Compliance Testing Report (CCRR-1029)

Testing was conducting by internationally-recognized Intertek as part of Architectural Testing's ANSI-accredited code compliance research program. The report (CCRR-1029) addresses the compliance of both the UX 2.0 and EX 2.5 panels for interior and exterior applications under the following codes:

  • 2012 International Building Code (IBC)
  • 2012 International Residential Code (IRC)
  • Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORSC), Section R703.1.1

In addition, the report evaluates key performance and safety properties involving physical properties, surface burning, wind load resistance and drainage performance. It includes a list of supporting tests such as those documented under ASTM standards as well as criteria for best-practice installations.

Further details can be found under the Technical dropdown menu of this website.

Feature Technical Specification
Panel Body 24in × 48in × 2½in
Dual-Surface Drainage Channels 24in × ¼in × ¼in
Horizontal Chases 48in × 1in × ¾in
Vertical Chases 24in × ¾in × ¾in
Coverage 8sq-ft
Continuous Insulation R-Value R-10
Comparable Performance to 2x4 Wall/R-15 Batts
Fully Insulated Composite Studs Recessed ½in below surface
Tongue-and-Groove Interlocking Edges Improved tightness aids structural self-leveling
Cutting Indication Lines Yes
Electrical Raceways at Code Depth Yes
Designed Ready for Finishing Attachment Interior/Exterior (drywall, siding, etc)
Designed for Basements Improved performance compared to UX 2.0
Designed for Exteriors Improved performance compared to UX 2.0
Moisture Control ORSC, Section R703.1.1-approved rain screen and drainage technology on both sides

Get a Sample Panel

EX 2.5 Architectural Sample

Contains a portion of the EX 2.5 panel that demonstrates key engineered features. Includes installation guide and other product literature.

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EX 2.5 Contractor Sample

Contains a full EX 2.5 panel that demonstrates all engineered features. Includes installation guide and other product literature.

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