About Our Company

InSoFast, LLC

InSoFast, LLC has provided superior quality products since 2006. We focus on developing energy efficient building systems that exceed present and future energy codes, outperform the competition, and simplify construction processes.

We are currently headquartered in South Dakota with offices in Pennsylvania. Our panels are manufactured and shipped factory-direct from facilities in Massachusetts, Minnesota and Idaho.

Edward Scherrer

Edward Scherrer is the President and Chief Engineer of InSoFast LLC. Building has been a constant in his life. Ed started with custom home construction and continued on with Insulating Concrete Form (ICFs) construction, radiant heating systems for do-it-yourselfers, and finally with InSoFast panels. Ed is problem fixer and is continually looking for ways to improve how things are built.

Building science, in regard to energy efficiency and durability, has always been important to Ed’s construction mindset. In the 1990’s, he built houses with low volume framing in combination with continuous exterior sheet insulation. His first Energy Star rated house was built in 1997.

When ICFs were introduced to Ed, he took in on with complete enthusiasm. While ICFs provide a superior structure, the actual construction process was very technical and difficult. Ed developed homeowner and contractor how to seminars and helped develop an engineering package to aid the building officials. Always looking at ways to improve, Ed made the on-site installation process easier with panelization kits. He provided training classes to contractors across the country in his panelization process. Ed also contributed to the patent for improving a new ICF form design which maximized sizing flexibility and reduced shipping costs.

Ed has always been DIY friendly. He developed DIY kits for radiant water heating systems, including a control center with boiler that just required the homeowner to make a couple of connections.

InSoFast panels were born from his experiences – both good and bad – in the ICF industry. Ed took the benefits: continuous insulation and built-in studs; but then he looked at what were the issues common to the industry: electrical installation, water leak migration through the wall, and poor installation in the field. He developed a product that was easy for DIYers but still answered all the issues that concerned the building science community. Ed wanted a foolproof-in-the-field product for finishing basements. Now with the new 2.5 EX panels, he has a a foolproof-in-the-field product for exterior insulation as well.


  • Polysteel PolyPro ICF panel
  • InSoFast Insulation and Framing Panel

Products Developed for ICF Industry

  • Radius wire cutter
  • Window buck tie back system
  • Rebar holders
  • Bracing system

PATH Concept Home (2008)

Dean Seibert

Dean Seibert is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and a partner at InSoFast, LLC, and has been an integral part of InSoFast, LLC since 2009. He brings a wealth of experience from the synthetic stucco industry (EIFS), the structural insulated panel industry (SIPS), and the Insulation Concrete Form industry (ICFS).

Dean was a past chairman of the Insulating Concrete Form Association (ICFA) and worked with the Portland Cement Association (PCA) and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters to write the training manual for the ICF industry. 

Dean loves traveling out West where he backpacks and explores wilderness areas with his wife, Kristine, and his two children, Justin and Rachel.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Experienced Entrepreneur with a successful record of founding companies, developing exterior wall products, supporting sales and directing operations
  • Highly effective in communication and customer relations
  • Extensive knowledge in exterior building envelope design
  • Strong background in concrete forming and ICF construction methods and overall knowledge of residential and light commercial construction
  • Certified Building code trainer for ICFs in the state of New Jersey