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EXe 2.5


Closed-cell, injection-molded EPS foam body achieves R-10 insulation. Built into the front and back of the EX panel is a network of shingle-style capillary channels. They comply with Oregon Residential Speciality Code section R701.1 allowing the panel to serve as a certified rainscreen for exterior applications.

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InSoFast EXe panel is a no compromise, one step process that takes the complexity out of exterior continuous insulation. No longer will you have to deal with all of those parts, pieces, or problems. Our panel drains better, dries better, performs better and just plain works better.


Easiest way to install continuous insulation

  • Simple to install
  • Less parts and pieces
  • Stud framing included . . . attach any finish
  • Improves house wrap’s performance
  • Why work so hard?

Best product for your wall

  • One trip to the wall
  • Insulation that breathes
  • Self-flashing panels . . . no tape needed
  • Doesn’t require special tools and training
  • Lives up to its name: In So Fast

Healthiest choice for your home

  • Built to last - nothing will, rot, mold or decay
  • Drains better, dries better, performs better
  • Wrap your home in a blanket of insulation
  • Makes your home quieter
  • It just plain works better

InSoFast Plus Method

Need a higher R-value? It’s easy to increase your R-Value beyond R-10 while maintaining the engineered benefits of the continuous InSoFast panels. Simply add rigid foam insulation board over top of InSoFast panels. This saves money by utilizing locally obtained rigid foam to enhance the R-Value. Additionally, projects can be completed in a fraction of the amount of time because they start with a base of feature-rich, low-labor InSoFast panels.