Floor (20’ Container) 2.0 Flat Panel-Bundle

Product Overview

The (FP-2.0) 2.0″ Flat Panel is versatile solution for container insulated sub-flooring. 

  • This bundle contains:
    • 4 (FP-2.0) 2.0″ Flat Panel = 20 panels (5 panels/box) = 160 sq-ft.


4 box (FP-2.0) Panel Bundle 160 sq-ft of sub-flooring

20' Shipping Container Sub-flooring

This floor bundle is part of an assembly with enough material to finish 20′ container floor. The studs are 16 inches on center.

Insulating a shipping container floor with the InSoFast flat panels increases thermal performance. Just insulating between the flooring beams @ 12″ on center, the steel beams, a super conductor of thermal energy will deliver a U-Value thermal penalty of 0.109.  What that means an R-19 insulation placed between the beams the effective R-Value, will be, (1 ÷ 0.109 = R-Value of 9.17)   Adding the FP-2.0 (R-8.5) flat panels to a container floor can double performance and increase comfort. 

Physical Properties (FP-2.0)


(FP-2.0), Flat Panel Details

dxf  pdf UX2.0 zip file

Panel Dimensions

24in × 48in × 2in

Horizontal Chase

48in × 1in × ¾in

Vertical Chase 24in × ¾in × ¾in


R-Value ASTM C518


ASTM C578 Type II

Closed-Cell, injection-molded EPS

Canadian Standards  CAN/ULC S701 Type 2
ASTM C303 Foam Density

1.35 lbs. per cubic foot

ASTM E96 Water Vapor Permeability

 (Class III Vapor Retarder) 3.5perm/in

Maximum Service Temperature (long term)

167°F = 75 Celsius (°C)

Co-Polymer Polypropylene Stud


Interlocking Edges


Cutting Indication Lines


Code Depth Raceways


Ready for Finishing






Moisture Control 

Channels on Back only

2″ thick  of closed-cell, injection-molded EPS foam body achieves R-8.5 insulation The FP-2.0  is our thinnest flat panel, optimized for flat surface interior finishing. The FP-2.0 flat panel will work on floors, walls, ceilings adapted for shipping container construction. It is a good choice as a sub-flooring base panel for shipping containers.
Installing Panels on the Floor video

Calculating Floor Loads

You will need to determine what loading (weight per square foot) is acceptable for your local building codes.

For the most part, live load and dead load values for floor systems are considered “distributed loads.” The total weight is distributed or shared uniformly by the members in the floor system. InSoFast panels are uniform because they have 100% contact with the concrete and subflooring. Our product testing determined that InSoFast panels can support 13 lbs. per square inch of compressive resistance at 10% strain deformation. This equates to 1872 lbs. per square foot for the design load, well within most residential construction specifications.

Table 3.4 is taken from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Policy Development and Research’s 

Estimating Panels

Estimating and ordering is simple measure and add together how many square feet of floor surface that your container requires to complete the job. Divide the total floor (xx) footage by 40 sq-ft. this will determine the number of boxes needed. Round up to the next whole number. Don’t overestimate, cut studs, panels and inserts can be re-used.

    • One FP-2.0 Insulated Panel = (8 sq-ft)
    • One box of 5 (Insulated Panels = (40 sq-ft)
Shipping, Purchasing & Returns

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Freight Details / Dimensions Weight
Product Code

Number of Parts

Box Dimension

Cubic Feet Per Box

 Weight Per Box





5 Panels 40 SqFt





20 Lbs


5 Panels 40 SqFt





22 Lbs

Add R-Value with InSoFast PLUS

It’s easy to increase your R-Value beyond R-10 while maintaining the engineered benefits of the continuous InSoFast panels. Just start with a base of feature-rich InSoFast panels.