Shipping Container (Sample Kit)

Product Overview

Kit contains: Full CX panel, UX 2.0 panel piece, EXe 2.5 panel piece, end wall insert piece, side wall insert piece, ceiling insert piece, LowPro End Wall, and Side Wall Insulated Studs. (LowPros are not pictured)

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Shipping Container Sample Kit

This is our most complete sample pack for shipping containers. The pack contains all of the panels, inserts, and studs that you would need for a container fit out.

  • 1 Full CX 44 Container panel designed to fit most shipping container’s long side walls.
    •  Determine if the InSoFast CX 44 will fit your container’s corrugations.  
      • Make sure that you have a uniform 44″ on center spacing for the container’s welds. 
      • The corrugations should be 11″ on center the proper fit is very important.
  • Inserts- 
    • CEW- End Wall Insert 24″ long
    • CSW- Side Wall Insert 24″ long
    • CCEIL- Ceiling Insert 24″ long
  • Insulated Studs
    • CX-LP – (Side Wall) LowPro 24″ long
    • LP-EW – (Endwall) Low-Pro 24″ long
  • Flat Wall Panels
    • EXi 2.5 (16″ x  24″ Section)
    • UX 2.0 (16″ x  24″ Section)
    • CX-EW – (End Wall) LowPro 24″ long


Sample Panel Refund

See if InSoFast is right for your project. We refund the purchase price of a sample pack when projects are over $1000.00

(Sample credits are not available for International orders, Canada, Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii will include additional freight charges.) 

See our policy page for more details.

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