2.0 Flat Panel (UX)

Product Overview

The UX2.0 is our thinnest profile flat panel, optimized for interior masonry finishing. The FP-2.0 (UX 2.0) Flat Panel is versatile for floors, walls, ceiling and can be adapted for framed wall construction or other unique conditions. 


    • SKU: FP-2.0 (5 panels 40 sq-ft.)


SKU: FP-2.0 = 1 box contains a total of 5 UX 2.0 Panels covering 40 sq.ft.

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Engineered Features

R-8.5 Continuous Insulation

At 2-in thickness, the Flat Panel 2.0’s closed-cell, injection-molded EPS foam body achieves R-8.5 insulation. EPS is a non-toxic, inert insulation that maintains its R-value throughout the life of your building. Because it does not absorb moisture like open-cell types of bead board, it is rated highly for below-grade applications like basements. The EPS body has a fire-retardant material and serves as a Class III vapor barrier.

Strong Mold-Resistant Studs

Each panel is co-molded with three high-strength polypropylene studs that align every 16-in O.C. The anterior surfaces feature three inset markers for nailing while the posterior surfaces feature ribbed dovetails for adhesive applications against concrete, stone, metal or brick walls. They provide a solid surface that can support drywall attachment and exterior finishes as well as cabinets and TVs. They are not prone to moisture damage, and do not conduct heat along a wall system.

Self-Leveling Tongue-and-Groove Interlocks

Four tightly interlocking edges along each panel form a continuous, self-flashing seal. Unlike traditional flashing tapes, the interlock create a resilient seal that will not change shape, dry or crack over time. They eliminate the potential for mistaken thermal leaks and prevent water from reaching the face. A notched alignment system ensures the panels and studs stay aligned during installation even when cut. Inset lines demarcate the location of wiring chases.

Moisture Control

Built into the back of the Flat Panel (UX2.0) is a network of shingle-style capillary channels. The channels are specifically-sized cavities that moderate wall pressure so that both interior and exterior wall assemblies can drain and be allowed to remain dry. The EPS foam features a permeability that ensures moisture is not trapped in walls and, with help from the channels, will “breathe” through to be handled by any standard HVAC system.

Electrical Raceways

Electrical raceways run vertically at 16 inches on center and horizontally at 24 inches on center. This grid provides easy access to pull wiring to any location. Located at code-approved depth, the chases also provide the necessary separation from the drywall face to protect the wiring.

Thermal Disconnect

  • Uninterrupted continuous insulation (CI)
    • InSoFast goes beyond just “CI”. The fastener that attaches the finishes to the panel non conductive stud has zero thermal shorts.
    • Fastening the cladding/finishes does not penetrate the water resistant barrier keeping your building secure and dry.
  • Flat Panel (UX2.0) continuous insulation is the best choice for continuous insulation.
Physical Properties, Architectural Details

FP- 2.0 Insulated Flat Panel with Studs

2.0, Flat Panel Details

dxf pdf FP- 2.0 zip file
InSoFast Interior Architectural Submittal


Panel Dimensions

24in × 48in × 2in

Horizontal Chase

48in × 1in × ¾in

Vertical Chase 24in × ¾in × ¾in


R-Value ASTM C518


ASTM C578 Type II

Closed-Cell, injection-molded EPS

Canadian Standards  CAN/ULC S701 Type 2
ASTM C303 Foam Density

1.35 lbs per cubic foot

ASTM E96 Water Vapor Permeability

 (Class III Vapor Retarder) 3.5perm/in

Maximum Service Temperature (long term)

167°F = 75 Celsius (°C)

Co-Polymer Polypropylene Stud


Interlocking Edges


Cutting Indication Lines


Code Depth Raceways


Ready for Finishing






Moisture Control 

Channels in back 

2″ thick  of closed-cell, injection-molded EPS foam body achieves R-8.5 insulation The UX2.0 is our thinnest flat panel, optimized for flat surface interior finishing. The 2.0 flat panel will work on floors, walls, ceilings adapted for shipping container construction. It is a good choice as a sub-flooring base panel for shipping containers.

Foundations Walls
Shipping Containers
Tiny Houses
Passive House
LEED/Green Build
Designed for Basement
Designed for Exteriors
NFPA Assemblies
Estimating Panels

Estimating and ordering is simple measure the square feet of floor, wall, or ceiling surface that the project requires to complete the job. Divide the total square  footage (xx) by 40 sq-ft. this will determine the number of  boxes required for your project, (round up to the whole box count).  Don’t overestimate.

    • One (Flat Panel (UX2.0) = (8 sq-ft)
    • One box of  5 (Insulated Panels = (40 sq-ft.)

For example:

You have 4 walls making up a rectangular room and the height of each wall is 8ft. Two walls measure 10ft in length and the other two are 20ft in length. Square-footage is the Height times Length of each wall. Therefore…

(8 x 10 = 80sq-ft ) + (8 x 10 = 80sq-ft) + (8 x 20 = 160sq-ft) + ( 8 x 20 = 160sq-ft)

With the square-footage of each wall figured out, simply add the walls together to get the total project square-footage:

80 + 80 + 160 + 160 = 480sq-ft

For this example, you would take (480 sq-ft ÷ 40 sq-ft per box  = 12 boxes) of 5 panels where each panel covers 8sq-ft.

We highly discourage ordering more than you need, but if it turns out you ordered less we can expedite some extra panels to your project.

Estimating Adhesive

Estimating Adhesive Quantity

Estimating adhesive has variables beyond our control, the condition of the wall, and how accurate the tradesmen is with a glue gun? The adhesive manufacturer’s technical sheet states, “A 3/8” (9.5 mm) bead extrudes approximately 38 ft. (12 m).

That is in a perfect world. When PL Premium 3x adhesive is applied a ⅜” bead on the backside of the stud’s ribbed surfaces roughly equates to 7 InSoFast panels or 56 square feet of adhered wall. 

The adhesive follows the “Goldie Locks Rule,” too much, too little, and just right. Doing just right you can expect that 1 large 28-fl oz tube will cover 21 of our studs (3 studs per panel for 7 panels). 

Other considerations additional adhesive should be included for securing the panels at openings like windows, doors and corners.

1 large 28-fl oz / 828 mL tube = 21 (22″ studs) or 7 panels for 56 Square feet of glued InSoFast wall surface.

  • We recommend that you estimate approximately 10% waste or
  • 1 tubes of the adhesive = 50 Square feet of wall.

 To verify that enough adhesive is used, press the panel into place. Pull the panel back and check to see if the adhesive has spread out beyond the full width of the stud. It is normal for the panel to “float out” from the side of the wall when it is accommodating irregularities the adhesive will bridge gaps up to 3/8″. Additional adhesive may be necessary in some areas.

Rough estimate for  28 ounce tubes of adhesive required

Square Feet InSoFast Boxes LOCTITE® PL PREMIUM®3x
800′ 20 16
1200′ 30 24
2000′ 50 40
3600′ 90 72

Overview / Technical Data

Shipping, Purchasing & Returns

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UX2.0 5 Panels 40 SqFt 11″ 25″ 49″ 7.80 20 Lbs

Add R-Value with InSoFast PLUS

It’s easy to increase your R-Value beyond R-10 while maintaining the engineered benefits of the continuous InSoFast panels. Just start with a base of feature-rich InSoFast panels.