Residential Interior: Below Grade Walls – Masonry | Concrete

Here’s the product(s) that’s suited for your job

EXi 2.5


Closed-cell, injection-molded EPS foam body achieves R-10 insulation.

UX 2.0


Closed-cell, injection-molded EPS foam body achieves R-8.5 insulation

Here’s documentation and guides catered to your project


Architectural Specifications

Architectural Specifications rtf pdf
Code Compliance Report CCRR-1029 pdf
InSoFast RValue Report pdf
Safety Data Sheet pdf
Approved NFPA 285 Assemblies Contact


UX 2.0, Full All UX 2.0 Panel Details pdf 
UX 2.0, Panel Details dxf dxf  pdf
InSoFast Stud Details dxf pdf 
CMU: Interiors 020101   dxf pdf 
CMU: Half Interior Lookout Ledge 020104   dxf pdf 
CMU: to Start of Grade 020121   dxf pdf 
Interior Above-Grade Exterior CMU, to Start of Grade 020201   dxf pdf
CMU Above-Grade Exterior to Frost Line 020202   dxf pdf 
Above-Grade Interior CMU (Steel Bar Roof) 020211   dxf pdf 
High R-Value System (InSoFast PLUS) 020212   dxf pdf 
Double InSoFast System 020213   dxf pdf 
Concrete Wall Interior (Steel Bar Roof) 030201   dxf pdf 
Concrete Wall - Interior - High R System 030205   dxf pdf 
Interior with Full Length Exterior, (Steel Bar Roof) 030221   dxf pdf 
Ceiling Application, Hollow Core Plank 060201   dxf pdf 
 Windows, Doors, and Openings All Details     pdf
 Window CMU, Inset Retrofit 070101   dxf pdf
 Window CMU, Flush Retrofit 070102   dxf pdf
 Window CMU, Drywall Return over InSoFast 070105   dxf pdf
 Window CMU, Drywall Return over Wood Framing 070106   dxf pdf
 Window CMU, Wood Extension Jamb and Trim with Solid-Backing 070108   dxf pdf
 Window CMU, Wood Extension Jamb and Trim 070109   dxf pdf
 Window CMU, Return with (FRP) 070121   dxf pdf
Door CMU, Full Width Steel Jamb with FRP Finish 070125   dfx pdf
 Door CMU, Inset Steel Jamb with FRP Return 070126   dxf pdf
Electrical Wiring Chases 080101    dxf pdf
Corner Bead Detail     pdf

Guides, Brochures, and Comparisons

Basic Masonry Installation Brochure 2018 (Color)     pdf
Basic Exterior Installation     pdf
Basic Container Installation     pdf
InSoFast Mechanical Fasteners Guide 2016     pdf
Corners Application     pdf
Corner Angle InSoFast     pdf
Top of the Wall and InSoFast     pdf
Uneven Walls and InSoFast     pdf
Windows and Framing How to     pdf
Panel and Insert price sheet     pdf
Guide for using mechanical fasteners to attach InSoFast EX     pdf
Drylok InSoFast Adhesion Approval     pdf


DOE Zero Ready Home Partner pdf
Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Award for Excellence in Construction pdf
Customer Energy Tax Credit pdf
Customer Product Warranty pdf