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Architectural Specifications rtf pdf
DrJ Technical Evaluation Report   pdf
Approved NFPA 285 Assemblies   pdf

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Service temperature of Expanded Polystyrene and hot southern climates. In hot climates avoid darker colored shipping containers.  We recommended that you paint your container a lighter color with a reflecting paint. Darker colored containers the heat could build up beyond the maximum allowable service temperature of the insulation.


Property ASTM Test Result
Maximum Service Temperature (long term) --- 167°F = 75 Celsius (°C)
Maximum Service Temperature (intermittent) --- 180°F = 82 Celsius (°C)

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CX 44, Panel Details   dxf pdf
InSoFast Stud Details    dxf pdf


 CX InSoFast Shipping Containers Brochure  pdf
Shipping Container Insulation Bundle Part List  pdf
 Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)  pdf
InSoFast R-Value Test Report pdf

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Container installation guide     pdf
Container extended installation guide     pdf
Insulating a shipping container door      pdf


DOE Zero Ready Home Partner pdf
Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Award for Excellence in Construction pdf
Customer Energy Tax Credit pdf
Customer Product Warranty pdf