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Container Panels

CX Panels, Side & End Wall Inserts, Ceiling Inserts

Container InSerts are a specifically shaped sleeve of EPS foam designed to fill the inset corrugation of a shipping container. They are intended to be used in conjunction with InSoFast Panels to achieve maximum insulation and air-tightness in minimum space. InSerts can be adhered directly to the metal with PL Premium 3X.

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Architectural Specifications

Architectural Specifications  rtf pdf
Code Compliance Report CCRR-1029 pdf
Approved NFPA 285 Assemblies

Panel Details

CX 44, Panel Details   dfx pdf
InSoFast Stud Details    dxf pdf


 CX InSoFast Shipping Containers Brochure  pdf
 Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)  pdf
InSoFast R-Value Test Report pdf

Guides, Brochures, and Comparisons

Basic Container Installation     pdf
Insulating a shipping container door      pdf


DOE Zero Ready Home Partner pdf
Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Award for Excellence in Construction pdf
Customer Energy Tax Credit pdf
Customer Product Warranty pdf