Energy Efficient Insulation Materials

Easy to handle and cost-effective!

Energy efficient insulation materials will improve your comfort, lower heating and cooling bills, and help the environment. InSoFast, for example, works on floors, ceilings, attics, interiors and exteriors. The EPS foam panels are a great DIY solution because you can completely eliminate the cost of hiring a professional without sacrificing the effectiveness of your project.

About InSoFast

InSoFast is a style of engineered continuous thermally stable insulation that comes in interlocking panels. The panels remove the complexity of insulating residential and commercial interiors and exteriors by providing a single-step solution. No other single product does this as well as InSoFast. Additionally, InSoFast has code compliance nationwide.

Energy Efficient Insulation Materials

The InSoFast UX 2.0 Panel is 2-inches thick and has a flat surface that exposes the face of the embedded studs. With a continuous R-value of 8.5, rot-resistant framing, drainage channels, electrical raceways, and a simple, stackable interlocking design, it is exceptionally cost-effective for base-level code requirements. For a higher R-value, the InSoFast EXi 2.5 Panel, at 2 ½-inches thick, has a continuous R-value of 10 and provides 20% more insulation than the UX panel. 

For exterior applications, the InSoFast EXe 2.5 Panel is an R-10 continuous insulation (CI) weather screen assembly that is optimized for exterior usage and maximizes energy efficiency and moisture management. Panels can be installed over your existing weather resistant barrier or house wrap. They serve as a secondary weather resistant barrier that is well-suited to absorptive claddings such as stucco or stone and provide a much-needed capillary break from wood framed walls and sheathing.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Home Insulation

We find that most people associate insulation with colder climates, but it’s important to remember that insulation is a barrier for both cold and hot air. If you are in a warmer climate, you will receive the same exact energy advantages by insulating your home with InSoFast.


Insulation regulates indoor air temperatures. It makes your home more comfortable without having to invest in fans or extra blankets, crank up your HVAC system, or settle for a home that’s too hot or too cold.

Energy Savings

Studies show that a home that is not properly insulated can lose between 20% and 30% of its energy. That means your heater and air conditioner will have to work harder to keep your home comfortable. A harder-working HVAC system equates to a higher energy bill. With InSoFast, you can keep your home efficient and your energy bills down.


Home insulation helps to keep annoying outdoor sounds (traffic, barking dogs, etc.) and indoor sounds (TV noise, flushing toilets, etc.) from disturbing your peace. If you work from home, have a home theater to enjoy, or simply want a home that doesn’t sound like Grand Central Station every day, InSoFast insulation panels are a great solution and will help make your home a quieter place to live.

As you evaluate energy efficient insulation materials, consider InSoFast. Our products are made in the USA and shipped free of charge to project sites across the contiguous U.S. Call us today at (888) 501-7899 to learn more.

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