Exterior: Walls Framed

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FP-2.5NRW (EXe 2.5)

Flat Panel Rain Screen

Closed-cell, injection-molded EPS foam body achieves R-10 insulation. Built into the front and back of the EX panel is a network of shingle-style capillary channels. They comply with Oregon Residential Specialty Code section R701.1 allowing the panel to serve as a certified rainscreen for exterior applications.

InSoFast EX 2.5™ (order code FP-2.5NRW) is an R-10 continuous insulation (CI) weather screen assembly designed for exterior walls. It is part of a complete rain screen solution that maximizes energy efficiency coupled with advanced moisture management properties.

The panel's rigid insulation and non-ferrous studs are integrated in a unique co-molding process that ensures strong wind load resistance for cladding attachment without sacrificing the thermal barrier. Attachment fasteners are isolated in a non-conductive medium with a ½” of thermal airspace. Engineered drainage channels on both faces of the panel optimize performance of the rain screen by allowing multi-directional air flow.

This all-in-one, patented panel can be used to meet and/or exceed continuous insulation requirements while saving time and money by reducing labor and in-field assembly costs. Exterior finishing options can include thin brick, metal panels, tile, cultured stone, stucco, and the popular cement board siding to name a few. All finishes mount to the same CI-System so that one building can have several different looks without disrupting the rain screen or the primary building envelope.

Why work so hard if you don't have to?

The EXe 2.5 (FP-2.5NRW)is our most versatile exterior grade panel it is optimized for masonry or framed construction. The FP-2.5NRW all the best features and combines rainscreen, insulation, attachment strips or furring, with self-flashing panels. Thus eliminating parts, pieces and guess work with the in the field conditions.