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InSoFast take a complex assembly and makes it simple. Why work so hard? The family of products like the CX 44, CX LowPro Insulated Studs, and our other panels takes the hassle out insulating and framing shipping containers. Our systems supply a solid airtight construction that helps prevents steel container condensation.

  • R-11 wall panel
  • Built in framing
  • Built in raceways
  • Continuous insulation
  • Fast universal and simple
  • Engineered insulated wall panels
  • Insulation designed to fit containers.
  • Universal insulation for floor, walls, ceilings, interior and exterior

CX Shipping Insulation Sample Pack

Container Personalities

All containers vary slightly in size and dimensions it is best to invest in a sample kit to see which product best suites your application.

Kit contains: Full CX44 panel, CX LowPro Insulated Stud, UX 2.0 panel piece, end wall insert piece, side wall insert piece, and ceiling insert piece.

We refund the purchase of an InSoFast Shipping Container Sample Kit with $400 minimum order. See our policy page for more details.


When environmental disasters force cities, islands and countries to declare that there is a “ basic shelter and low income housing crisis” up-cycling or recycling shipping containers is a sensible solution. Reusing intermodal containers are a responsible way to respect the planet and people. InSoFast is the easy way to turn cold, corrugated steel containers into cozy and safe homes. InSoFast is so easy that professional builders and volunteers can work together to construct housing for homeless and other at-risk residents.

  • No electrical guess work
  • One detail, one solution . . . unlimited finishing options
  • Less parts and pieces = less training
  • One component = a complete wall
  • Assemble Less. Build Better. Get more done.
  • Controls condensation behind the walls

Why InSoFast for containers?

InSoFast is a high performance injection molded, closed cell, insulation panel that that helps controls cold surface condensation.

Changes in temperature affects the amount moisture capacity that air can carry, commonly refered to as RH or relative humidity. Warm air holds more moisture than cold air. When a cold surfaces in a warm humid environment, like the exposed metal in a container sets up a condition for condensation. InSoFast address this concern by providing a continuous thermal blanket that reduces sudden cold surface condensation.

Energy Codes

Building codes and R-Values requirements are designed for traditional framed construction. Shipping container are not traditional. While codes are well-intentioned, they don’t consider the airtight and diminutive size of a shipping container. Local townships hold container construction to a higher standard, because it is different. InSoFast has information available to help you navigate your local requirements. It’s easy to increase your R-Value beyond code minimums while maintaining the engineered benefits and maximum interior space with InSoFast panels. For more information go to our InSoFast PLUS page.

Suggested products for Shipping Containers

InSoFast Plus Method

Need a higher R-value? No Problem! Start with a base of InSoFast continuous insulation panels they are feature-rich and easy to install. Then add rigid foam insulation over top of InSoFast panels.