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InSoFast panels take a complex assembly and make it simple. Why work so hard? The CX panel takes the hassle out insulating and framing shipping containers. The panel’s solid airtight construction helps prevents steel container condensation issues. All insulation solutions should be a hidden value that you should only have to think about once. Insulating a container should be simple, seamless, condensation free, and should work endlessly for your comfort. The best insulation is invisible.
  • R-11 wall panel
  • Built in framing
  • Built in raceways
  • Continuous insulation
  • Fast universal and simple
  • Engineered insulated wall panels
  • Insulation designed to fit containers.
  • Universal insulation for floor, walls, ceilings, interior and exterior

CX Shipping Insulation Sample Pack


When environmental disasters force cities, islands and countries to declare that there is a “ basic shelter and low income housing crisis” up-cycling or recycling shipping containers is a sensible solution. Reusing intermodal containers are a responsible way to respect the planet and people. InSoFast is the easy way to turn cold, corrugated steel containers into cozy and safe homes. InSoFast is so easy that professional builders and volunteers can work together to construct housing for homeless and other at-risk residents.

  • No electrical guess work
  • One detail, one solution . . . unlimited finishing options
  • Less parts and pieces = less training
  • One component = a complete wall
  • Assemble Less. Build Better. Get more done.
  • Controls condensation behind the walls

Why choose InSoFast to insulate a container

InSoFast has created a high performance injection molded insulation panel that restricts the ability of water vapor to pass through its closed cell insulation.

The changes in temperature affect the moisture conditions and capacity of any given building material. What? Things can get wet and allow mold to grow. Warm air holds more moisture than cold air. In the winter warm moist air moves to the lower pressure of a cooler drier surface. Wet seeks dry.. In a container if warm wet air can move through a wall system, it will find that cooler surface and condense. Bad! Traditional construction and insulation methods will lead to problems in a shipping container. Water vapor can travel through traditionally framed walls like water through a screen door in a submarine. InSoFast is not a framed wall system.

Our manufacturing process uses high-pressure steam fusion to create a closed-cell insulation that is packed with microscopic air spaces. The individual cells remain airtight and dry, so water vapor will not accumulate in your wall. The built-in stud of the panel goes even farther. The non conductive, plastic studs eliminate the thermal bridging penalty and reduce the hundreds of holes or potential leaks caused by attaching the finishing materials and other services embedded into the wall system.

Optional terminology: Sea Cans - Sea Containers - ConEx Boxes - intermodal housing

Suggested products for Shipping Containers

Container Inserts

CX Panels, Side & End Wall Inserts, Ceiling Inserts

Container InSerts are a specifically shaped sleeve of EPS foam designed to fill the inset corrugation of a shipping container. They are intended to be used in conjunction with InSoFast Panels to achieve maximum insulation and air-tightness in minimum space. InSerts can be adhered directly to the metal with PL Premium 3X.

InSoFast Plus Method

Need a higher R-value? It’s easy to increase your R-Value beyond R-10 while maintaining the engineered benefits of the continuous InSoFast panels. Simply add rigid foam insulation board over top of InSoFast panels. This saves money by utilizing locally obtained rigid foam to enhance the R-Value. Additionally, projects can be completed in a fraction of the amount of time because they start with a base of feature-rich, low-labor InSoFast panels.