Sidewall (20′ Standard) LowPro-Bundle

Product Overview

LowPro bundle assembly with enough material to finish one side of a 20′ Standard Container wall using the CX LowPro studs and the (I-SWI) side wall inserts. CX LowPro/Insert – 22″ on center.

  • This bundle contains:
    • 1(CX-LPSW – Insulated stud Boxes= 46 pcs.) – (92 Lineal Feet)
    • 1(I-SWI -Side Wall Inserts Box = 30 ) – (120 Lineal Feet)


LowPro Studs and Inserts, Side Wall Bundle for a Standard 8' high x 20' long Shipping Container.

Bundle Application Description

This CX LowPro bundle is part of an assembly to finish one side of a 20′ Standard 8′ high container’s side wall. The corrugation infills are typically placed on either 11-22 inches on center in an alternating pattern with the (I-SWI) side wall inserts.

*This CX LowPro bundle is a 3 part assembly designed to work on the long side walls of a container. Sheet infill insulation supplied by others. See (Estimating Chart) below.

  1. Preferred method when modifying older containers with dings and dents.
  2. When weld seams are greater than or less than 44″ on center.
  3. When the over sea freight issue is a concern
  4. When interior or exterior space is critical
  5. Industrial fast track application.
  6. (3) part fast track application.
Physical Properties LowPro Stud

CX-LP LowPro Insulated Stud

LowPro-Insulated Stud Sidewall Architectural Dimensions
dwg dxf pdf   CX-LP


7 1/2in × 24in × 2in


1.25 sq-ft

R-Value ASTM C518


ASTM C578 Type II

Closed-Cell, injection-molded EPS 

Canadian Standards  CAN/ULC S701 Type 2

Foam Density

1.35 lbs. per cubic foot

Co-Polymer Polypropylene Insulated Stud


Interlocking Edges



Physical Properties (SWI) Side Wall Inserts
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Side Wall Inserts

One box of Side Wall Inserts covers 112 Lineal feet of corrugation.

Sidewall Architectural Dimensions

jpg zip file

See Dimensions

48in x 7 3/4in x 1 1/4 in


2.5 sq-ft

R-Value ASTM C518


Closed-Cell, injection-molded EPS 

ASTM C578 Type II

Canadian Standards

CAN/ULC S701 Type 2

Foam Density

1 lbs. per cubic foot


Features Benefits

The CX-LP insulated infill framing is ideally suited for container conversions in commercial, residential, industrial, interior or exterior applications where thin wall insulation and framing is the primary concern. 

  • InSoFast engineered system of continuous insulation is perfectly suited for shipping container fabrication. 
    • Simple to install
      • Why work so hard?
      • Adaptable Attachment
      • No Special Tools Needed
    • Built-in Studs*
      • Engineered Framing 
      • Non-conductive framing 
      • No energy penalty for the studs
      • Non corrosive frame…non rusting 
      • Adhesive Application no holes
    • Closed-cell high pressure fused EPS Insulation
    • Engineered for Shipping Containers
    • Lives up to its name: In So Fast

    *The high-strength co-polymer plastic studs on 22-inches centers provide a positive attachment stud for finishing the container. The ribbed dovetails surface provides a cast-in-place adhesive applications against the metal surfaces. 

LowPro Bundle Video

Estimating LowPro Walls

Estimating, measure and add together how many 20′ standard sidewall surfaces your container project requires.  Don’t overestimate, cut studs and inserts can be re-used. Studs are typically set at 22 inches on center. One side of a standard 20′ container would need 46 (CX-LP) studs and 20 -21 pcs. of the(I-SWI)side wall inserts depending on your specific layout. 

Math Formula: Total Length times inches, divide by 22″ on center, equals total number of the 8′ or 8’6″ high studs you need.
  • 20′ x 12″= 240 lineal inches
  • 240″ ÷ 22″ = 11 studs bays to fill
    • Standard 20′
      • CX-LPSW Studded Insert per stud bay(4pcs.) = (1) 8′ Stud 
      • 11 x 4 LowPro Studs needed per bay = 44 LP studs needed per side.
Complete Interior Insulation for a Container; 20′ Standard 20′ High Cube 40′ Standard 40′ High Cube
LowPro Insulated Studs/Inserts Sidewall Sidewall Sidewall Sidewall Sidewall
CX-LP 46 LowPro Insulated Stud 2 2 4 4
CX-LP 15 LowPro Insulated Stud 1 1 0 1
Sidewall Inserts: 2 2 4 4
Box Total: 5 5 8 9
Endwall (Container) LowPro-Bundle Endwall Endwall Endwall Endwall
Endwall LowPro-Kit 1 1 1 1
Foam Board Insulation by others: 3/4″ x 4′ x 8′ 3/4″ x 4′ x 8′ 3/4″ x 4′ x 8′ 3/4″ x 4′ x 8′
Sidewall 14.67 16.25 29.67 31.75
4×8 Foam Board Total  15 17 30 32
Estimating Adhesive


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Green Guard Certified Adhesive:

In Canada the Glue is LePage PL Premium

Estimating Adhesive Quantity

Estimating the amount of adhesive YOU will use has variables beyond our control like condition of your walls and how accurate are you with a glue gun? The example below is for one side wall of a 20′ standard height shipping container you will need approximately 3 tubes of the adhesive. That is in a perfect world. PL Premium 3x adhesive is applied in a ⅜” bead on the backside of the studs onto the ribbed surfaces.  We realize that a 3/8″ bead of glue is very subjective. It is important that there is enough adhesive to squish the dovetails on the back side of the stud when pressed to the container wall. Adhesive follows the “Goldie Locks rule, too much, too little, and just right To verify that enough adhesive is used, press the panel into place. Pull the panel back and check to see if the adhesive has spread out beyond the full width of the stud. It is normal for the panel to “float out” from the side of the container when it is accommodating irregularities in the container walls. Additional adhesive may be necessary in some areas. If you are doing it just right you can expect that 1 large 28-fl oz tube will cover 18 of our 24″ long studs or enough glue at a 3/8″ bead to cover 36 foot long bead of glue. 

Additionally you will have to estimate for glue around openings like windows and doors.

1 large 28-fl oz. / 828 mL tube = 18 (24″ studs or inserts)

  • CX-LP 46 (46 studs) = 46
  • 46 ÷ 18 = 2 1/2 tubes of the adhesive
  • I-SWI (30) = 1 tube of the adhesive


Rough estimate for  28 ounce tubes of adhesive required

Container Side Wall  End Wall Ceiling  Total Walls & Ceiling Floors Swing Doors Total Estimate
20′- Standard 2 1/2  6 1/2 13 1 1/2 3 18
20′- High Cube 2 1/2  6 1/2 14 1 1/2 3 19
40′- Standard 6 2 1/2  13 28 3 3 34
40′- High Cube 2 1/2  13 29 3 3 34

Important Notice: Container Surface Temperature Applications

When bonding EPS and XPS foam insulation, use above 40°F (4°C) and avoid cure and surface temperatures above 90°F (32°C). Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of frost, grease, dust and other contaminants. Pre-fit all materials and protect finished surfaces. If using cartridge format, cut nozzle at a 45° angle to desired bead size and puncture inner seal. Be very careful not to allow Loctite® PL® Premium to cure on a finished surface.

Technical Data

Shipping, Purchasing & Returns

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Freight Dimensions Weight
Product Code

Number of Parts

Per Box Dimension

Cubic Feet Per Box

 Weight Per Box





46 pcs = 92 lnft





28 Lbs


46 pcs = 92 lnft





28 Lbs

CX -LP15

15 pcs = 30 lnft





9 Lbs

I-SWI Side Wall Inserts

30 pcs 4′ = 120 lnft





12 Lbs


Add R-Value with InSoFast PLUS

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