Basement Insulation Sheboygan, Wisconsin

As your family grows, you don’t have to move or build an addition if you have an unfinished basement. Make good use of your basement by incorporating InSoFast insulation to begin the finishing process of your Sheboygan, Wisconsin home’s lower level.

The sub-ground level spaces within your home can be made fully functional and even comfortable, but the location does create certain challenges that must be addressed. The dampness and cold are commonly cited issues with basements, and InSoFast insulation panels will go far to remediate them both.

Basement Insulation Sheboygan, Wisconsin

InSoFast insulation panels are non-porous, closed-cell EPS foam, injection-molded into specific designs meant to prevent thermal bridges and coverage gaps while facilitating installation and other aspects of construction. These remarkable products are transforming the way both professional contractors and residential DIYers approach insulation.

To order our fully code compliant insulation panels, jump online and place your order. Our products are manufactured and shipped directly from our factories in Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and South Dakota to project sites around the country.

Our customers in Sheboygan can also visit the local Menards on Vanguard Dr. to purchase a supply of InSoFast insulation panels.

Basement Applications of InSoFast Insulation

The best balance of affordability, effectiveness, and installation ease is available through InSoFast insulation panels. Installing our products demands a few simple tools and no special training.

If a gap-free insulation wall system that you can install within a few hours on your own sounds good, consider InSoFast insulation panels. The panels connect to one another via interlocking edges that take the guesswork out of the process and keep the wall straight and true. These panels can be readily applied to any flat surface, making it easy to warm up the cold walls and floors of your basement room.

The InSoFast Insulation Product Lines

For basement use, you’ll need to choose between InSoFast UX 2.0 and EXi 2.5 insulation panels.

The InSoFast UX 2.0 panel line is 2” thick with an R-8.5 level of resistance to thermal energy loss. Each of these panels includes built-in, rot-resistant framing, drainage channels, electric raceways, stackable and lightweight design, and notched alignment edges. This option will be compliant with all base-level codes.

The InSoFast EXi 2.5 insulation panel is 2.5” deep and produces an R-10 level of energy efficiency, and the system typically outperforms traditional fiberglass insulation labelled as R-15. This panel is 20% stronger than that created by the UX 2.0 insulation panel.

The features of InSoFast insulation panels make installation easy and insulation assured. They also facilitate other construction processes. For instance, wiring up the basement will be simple when you use the service channels within our panels, and you can cut through the EPS foam to install outlets.

The basement area will likely require waterproofing before insulation installation, but the built-in drainage channels will help mitigate moisture. Since the panels are non-porous, mold and mildew won’t develop as it will with fiberglass insulation.

Uses for Your Transformed Basement

Once you’ve completed your finished basement, how will you use it?

The possibilities are endless and include bedroom space, a library, man cave, hobby shop, craftroom, home gym, office, etc.

Click here to buy InSoFast online at Menards and select the store you wish to pick it up at, whether it’s in Sheboygan, Wisconsin or another Menards location. For questions about your basement insulation project, we can help; call us at (888) 501-7899.