Best Methods to Insulate Your Shipping Container Home

Once you’ve been bitten by the shipping container conversion bug, it’s difficult to shake. As you scour plans and imagine how you want to convert your steel box into a new structure, the best methods to insulate your shipping container home will come into play. InSoFast insulation products provide two options for you to create a cozy, temperature-controlled, quiet, and durable home.

Closed-cell, injection-molded Expanded Polystyrene foam panels and inserts manufactured by InSoFast work to mitigate moisture, regulate temperature, and minimize noise. Since these three issues are the primary problems facing shipping container constructions, and the panels are friendly for DIY use, your best bet for a successful shipping container project comes through InSoFast insulation panels.

Best Methods to Insulate Your Shipping Container Home

Arm yourself with InSoFast insulation products, a utility knife, a saw of some kind, Loctite PL Premium 3X Stronger Construction Adhesive, and a caulk gun to be fully prepared to effectively insulate your shipping container turned home.

A valued, made in America company, InSoFast, LLC, began operations in 2006 and produces products at facilities in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Idaho, and South Dakota. We even provide free shipping to destinations within the continental United States.

InSoFast Insulation Methods for Shipping Containers

InSoFast insulation products come in two variations aimed at shipping container projects.

The first is InSoFast CX Container Panels. These insulation panels fit against the container’s side walls and offer a space maximizing, two-inch, skinny profile. The insulation panels line up perfectly against the container’s corrugation, following the 11-inch repeating pattern when placed horizontally, and have a length of 44 inches and a width of 24 inches. The embedded studs align with the container’s corrugated ribs for easy installation. This line of products is cost-effective, strong insulation that is quite simple to apply.

The second series of InSoFast insulation products is InSerts that are made just to fill the corrugated spaces of the shipping container to create a smooth surface used as a foundation for a layer of interior InSoFast insulation panels. Choose for yourself between InSoFast UX 2.0 or EXi 2.5 panels depending on the R-value desired. The pairing of InSerts and interior panels offers an air-tight system of continuous insulation.

The Reasons to Use InSoFast Insulation Panels Extend Beyond Insulation

While InSoFast insulation panels offer superior insulation for your shipping container project, the benefits provided by the products go well beyond insulation.

InSoFast insulation panels provide moisture control channels to wick away moisture and prevent mildew and corrosion, making your home a durable abode.

Further, the panels include a built-in, rot-resistant frame, eliminating the need to design a wooden frame to support drywall. Each 16” on-center, embedded, non-ferrous stud can hold up to 250 pounds. The panels even feature guidelines for easier application of drywall.

These panels even make running the wiring through your shipping container home easier. The panels include electrical raceways, and the foam can be cut easily to place outlet boxes. You’ll have no wooden frame to negotiate, and your circuitry can follow any path you design.

As you research the best methods to insulate your shipping container home, we’re confident that all roads will lead to InSoFast insulation products. Give us a call at (888) 501-7899; we offer helpful, professional guidance. You can also contact us online and browse the videos and blogs we offer online. When you choose InSoFast shipping container insulation products, you’ll appreciate a faster, higher quality result.