Container Insulation

Install container insulation without the arduous process of conventional framing and insulation. A simple way to transform a steel shipping container from a hot box or freezer into a cozy home is with InSoFast insulation panels. Our products will help you create a durable, comfortable, quiet, and dry home.

InSoFast engineered continuous insulation works because of the closely connected insulation panels that provide high energy efficiency along with many additional benefits. Closed-cell, injection-molded Expanded Polystyrene foam panels work well on indoor and outdoor flat surfaces within remodeled and newly built homes. The attributes that promote energy efficiency and convenient application make them perfect for shipping container projects.

Container Insulation

Top Tier Container Insulation from InSoFast

Every shipping container home will require top tier insulation. The metal composition of the home creates particular issues that will need to be remedied.

Internal Temperature Regulation – Metal is a primary conductor, so the internal temperature will rapidly transition from one extreme to another. As the sun rises, the metal will heat up creating an insufferably hot environment, and during cold weather, the metal will amplify the cold until the interior is like a freezer.  

Amplified Noise – Controlling the noise within a metal shipping container will be next to impossible without insulation.

Corrosive and Destructive Condensation – Within an uninsulated shipping container, condensation will develop. Condensation and water vapor within a shipping container will inevitably lead to rust and corrosion. InSoFast panels are not porous, however, so moisture and water vapor won’t pass through.

InSoFast container insulation panels are not the only choices of insulation. Traditional wooden frame and insulation designs as well as spray foam insulation can be used, but they’re not ideal. InSoFast shipping container insulation panels, on the other hand, combine affordability, convenience, multi-functionality, and effectiveness into one product.

InSoFast CX Container panels fit shipping containers’ walls. They’re ideal for container use because of the thin, 2” profile and the way that they perfectly line up along the 11-inch repeating corrugation. Each panel is 44×24 inches and should run horizontally so that the studs line up directly on the ribs of the corrugation.

The other shipping container specific option from InSoFast is the InSerts. They’re also made of Expanded Polystyrene foam and slide perfectly into the spaces created by the corrugation. When they’re affixed to the sides with construction adhesive, the resulting surface will be perfectly flat and ready to receive a layer of InSoFast interior insulating panels.

On top of the InSerts, you’ll apply either InSoFast UX 2.0 or EXi 2.5. The UX 2.0 option has a 2” depth and an R-value of 8.5 while the EXi 2.5 panel is half an inch thicker with 20% more insulating efficiency.

Founded in 2006, InSoFast, LLC, started as a company that made insulation panels for professional contractors. The quick and easy installation of the panel system promoted its popularity with homeowners and Do-It-Yourselfers. These products are made in America and shipped from our facilities in South Dakota, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Idaho. As long as the destination is within the lower 48, we’ll ship free of charge.

If you’ve decided to transform a shipping container into a home and need container insulation, the professionals here at InSoFast can provide all the guidance, troubleshooting, and inspiration you might need. Call (888) 501-7899 or contact us online today!