Shipping Container Home Exterior Insulation

Creativity in building design comes into full focus when you choose InSoFast insulation products to create a shipping container building. Begin perfecting your shipping container home by applying interior and exterior insulation for durability and quality that will last against the tests of both time and exposure.

Planning Your Shipping Container Project

The major element of consideration when building out a shipping container is the metal composition. The conductivity of steel will encourage temperatures to fluctuate incredibly fast. Without insulation, the structure will be inhabitable.

The moisture created by condensation is damaging to the structure and hazardous to respiratory health. From rust to mold, the effects of condensation need to be avoided at all costs.

InSoFast insulation resolves this problem by preventing the occurrence of condensation while also wicking away moisture and preventing the free flow of moisture through the panels.

Shipping Container Home Exterior Insulation

Perfecting the Plan to Build Out a Shipping Container

InSoFast insulation products mitigate temperature extremes and condensation. Our products are American-made and shipped without surcharge to destinations within the continental US from our facilities in Massachusetts, Idaho, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

The Convenience Factor with InSoFast Insulation

Injection-molded, closed-cell EPS foam makes up our InSoFast insulation panels. The units are strong and don’t allow for migration of air or water through them. The high R-value of the panels is enhanced by the tight fit of the system when the interlocking units are applied into a continuous system of insulation.

Building this system is a snap. Each unit features tongue-and-groove notches where they line up together for a foolproof process of installation. In addition to needing little time and minimal hands, the only tools needed include the following:

  • A caulking gun
  • Loctite PL Premium 3X Stronger Construction Adhesive
  • A utility knife
  • A saw of some sort (table saw, jig saw, hack saw, etc.)
  • A can of spray foam insulation

InSoFast products specifically created for shipping container builds include a few different options.

InSoFast CX 44 Shipping Container Panel

  • Panel design follows an 11” pattern that fits perfectly against most corrugation
  • Panels have a 2” thickness to take up minimal space within the small container
  • Panels include built-in, non-ferrous, strong studs every 16” on center for application and hanging finishing products
  • Panel dimensions of 44”x24” work for easy planning and installation
  • System creates an R-value of 11
  • Panels include built-in raceways for running services
  • Applicable for interior and exterior surfaces including floors, walls, and ceilings

InSoFast InSerts Paired with InSoFast Interior Insulation Panels

Airtight, continuous insulation is even more achievable with a combination of InSoFast InSerts and interior insulation. The InSerts are sleeves of EPS foam that fill the recesses of the corrugation and create a flat surface for application of interior insulation. This step requires either InSoFast UX 2.0 or EXi 2.5 interior panels. This system will have no remaining air behind it for an even stronger insulating result.

InSoFast CX-LP LowPro Embedded Studs

Free from the bulk of the entire panel, InSoFast CX-LP LowPro Embedded studs allow you to secure non-ferrous, strong framing. Combined with the use of InSoFast InSerts and the rigid foam board of your choice, this system will provide adequate insulation. Since this system will lack the helpful raceways built into InSoFast insulation panels, it’s great for exterior use or applications when you don’t plan to run services.

To place an order for a sample or an entire project’s worth of InSoFast products for shipping container home exterior insulation, check out our website or call (888) 501-7899.