Insulation for Interior Walls

The perfect DIY solution for insulating interior walls, floors and ceilings

Are you building a new home or renovating an old one? InSoFast EPS insulation panels are the perfect DIY solution for insulating the interior walls, floors and ceilings.

InSoFast, LLC, established in 2006, develops energy efficient building systems that exceed present and future energy codes, outperform the competition, and simplify construction processes.

About InSoFast Interior Insulation

The InSoFast UX 2.0 Panel is R-8.5 closed-cell, injection-molded continuous EPS foam insulation that comes in 2-foot x 4-foot interlocking panels of varying depths. EPS is a non-toxic, inert insulation that maintains its R-value for the life of your building. The foam body is a fire-retardant material and serves as a Class III vapor barrier.

Each panel is 2-inches thick with a flat surface that exposes the face of the embedded studs. With rot-resistant framing, drainage channels, electrical raceways, and a simple, stackable interlocking design, the UX 2.0 panel is exceptionally cost-effective for base-level code requirements.

Insulation for Interior Walls  

When you need a thicker panel with a higher R-value, the EXi 2.5 Panel, at 2 ½-inches thick, is a great choice. Its tighter interlocks and recessed studs keep the EX barrier truer and straighter, enabling it to bridge over cups, bows and other irregularities in concrete basement walls. This InSoFast panel’s continuous R-value of 10 outperforms traditionally framed R-15 batt walls and provides 20% more insulation than our UX panels.

InSoFast insulation panels are also manufactured without any ozone depleting CFCs or HCFCs that could affect the indoor air quality of your home. The closed cell foam is inert and experiences no physical or chemical breakdown over time.

The use of InSoFast EPS insulation offers great flexibility, durability and thermal efficiency. It’s typically more cost effective to choose EPS over a combination of other insulating materials. And, because our EPS panels are very lightweight, they can be easily cut and installed on the jobsite and require no special safety gear to handle.

Why Choose InSoFast Insulation Panels?

The features that make InSoFast panels so easy to use for do-it-yourselfers include:

  • No special tools required; cut to fit with handsaw, handheld jigsaw or sabre saw
  • Seamless interlocking edges require no taping
  • Notched alignment system ensures that the panels and studs stay aligned during installation
  • Built in embedded stud framing aligns every 16-inches on center to simplify gluing or screwing panels to walls
  • Built in electrical raceways run horizontally and vertically along the edge of every panel
  • Moisture control channels prevent moisture from getting trapped in walls
  • Easy to handle 2’x4’ dimension that stacks like the LEGO®
  • Install drywall, cement board, tile base, or wood siding over the panels just like over traditional framing

Call InSoFast today at (888) 501-7899 to find out more about our continuous insulation for interior walls. The patented EPS panels are manufactured and shipped free of charge to project sites across the country from our manufacturing facilities in Idaho, Massachusetts and Minnesota.

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